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FoTW: “I will attack you in cyberspace”

Flame of the Week Incoming!
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No spending upturn until mid-2003 – Merrill survey

CIOs are not going to loosen up their purse strings until at least the middle of next year, and will put the squeeze on IT vendors and providers in the meantime. A survey by Merrill Lynch shows that a pick up in IT spending will only begin in the middle of next year. Around 31% of CIOs expect IT demand will pick up in the …
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TFT volumes to pass CRT in 2004

Samsung Electronics is hoping to consolidate its position in the LCD market with the opening of a factory in China. The Korean electronics giant has begun work on a 100,000 sq meter TFT-LCD factor in Suzhou in Jiangsu province, China, which will produce around 160,000 modules a month, when it opens in the second half of …
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Sun pitches for leadership in war against .NET

Sun Microsystems Inc is assuming command in Java's battle against Microsoft Corp and .NET, dismissing IBM as a potential contender. The Santa Clara, California-based company's executive vice president for marketing and business development Mark Tolliver was last week reported to have said the platform market has narrowed …

HP plans dual Montecito Intel Itaniums for H1 2003

While Intel Corp does not plan to get dual-core 64-bit Itanium processors into the field until sometime in the middle of this decade, Hewlett Packard Co, which has staked its future on the Itaniums, can't sit around and wait for Intel while its competitors all deliver or ready their own dual-core processors for enterprise …

Sun aims low with new app server – too low?

Sun Microsystems Inc is aiming low with the latest version of its application server, expected today, targeting application server newbies seeking enhanced web site performance, writes Gavin Clarke. The Santa Clara, California-based company is using features and pricing in the Platform and Standard Editions of its Sun ONE …
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UK gov moves to ban mobile phones, inc Bluetooth, in cars

Over at the BBC our old friend Nick Hunn of TDK Systems is chirruping that motor manufacturers are moving mountains to get Bluetooth into their cars for next year, in anticipation of government crack-downs on use of mobile phones while driving. Which is a funny coincidence, because according to proposals for legislation from the UK Department of Transport, using Bluetooth phones is going to be largely illegal.
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Roll-up computer screen set for 2005 debut

Cambridge Display Technology (CDT) today announced the acquisition of rival Opsys' organic light emitting diode (OLED) display business with the goal of developing roll up computer and TV screens within three years.
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Telewest broadband flogged by the Carphone Warehouse

The Carphone Warehouse might have to change its name to "Broadband Warehouse" following its decision to flog Telewest's broadband service in its shops.
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Gongs a go-go for ISPA

The Internet Services Providers' Association (ISPA UK) is seeking nominations for its annual Internet industry awards.
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‘We are the worst security risk’ – sys admins confess

More than half of all senior IT managers (58 per cent) think that their own IT departments offer the largest threat to IT security.
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Gamer insures fingers for £375K

A 17-year-old computer gamer says he's looking to insure his fingers for £375,000.

Service levels sink as telcos tighten belts

Customers are suffering as service providers, hit by the telecoms slowdown, remain preoccupied by their balance sheets and the latest technologies rather than delivering adequate service.
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Boris Becker sues T-Online

Former Wimbledon champ, Boris Becker, is suing Germany's biggest ISP over alleged breach of copyright.
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Reuters hacks accused of hacking

Reuters, arguably the world's best known news agency, stands accused of hacking today amid accusations that it broke into the computer systems of Swedish IT group Intentia to publish its results ahead of their official release.
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Dawn raids target software pirates

Police and Trading Standards officers launched a series of dawn raids this morning in an orchestrated crackdown on software pirates.
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Europe set for bumper eChristmas

Europe is expected to become the leading region for online sales in the run-up to Christmas, according to Gartner.
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Palm goes widescreen, launches phone

Palm has released two new models today, and both represent several firsts for the company, which is trying to breath new life into a becalmed PDA business as well as take on RIM in the enterprise messaging market.