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Alternative browser villains named and shamed

Updated Our stories on how online banks, retailers and utilities make life difficult for Linux users, or just people who prefer alternative browsers (such as Opera) has touched a nerve among many of our readers.

Quest Buys Sitraka for Java Skills

Database tools vendor Quest Software Inc plans to pay up to $54.7m for Sitraka Inc, a privately held company that offers applications designed to eliminate performance bottlenecks in Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) environments. Quest said that by combining its own database and application performance management software …
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3m want broadband

Three million punters - a third of UK Net users - want broadband, according to research from Oftel.
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IBM builds world's smallest circuit

Boffins at IBM have prototyped what is believed to be the world's smallest working computer circuits, using an innovative approach in which individual molecules move across an atomic surface like toppling dominoes.
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Mixed VeriSign results, closes unit

VeriSign Inc yesterday announced it is to close a poorly performing sales division, after a mixed third quarter that saw sequential revenue dips in its domain name and telecoms business, but encouraging highlights including an increased cash pile, writes Kevin Murphy. "It's fair to say our results were mixed with some …
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E-card slimeware delivers pr0n

It's no coincidence that one of the most recent Trojan horse programs to enter the FBI's bi-weekly rogues gallery of malicious code is named after an Internet porn company. The program, dubbed "Cytron" by the bureau's National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) and some anti-virus vendors, is a covert browser plug-in …
DVD it in many colours

EMC steps up CIM support, but lauds WideSky

EMC Corp yesterday continued its attempt to ride two horses at once, stepping up the profile of its support for the CIM storage standard at the same time as promoting its proprietary WideSky middleware, which many see as a direct competitor to CIM, writes Tim Stammers. The company made two announcements, one declaring …
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Sun poised to gain WS-I board seat

Sun Microsystems Inc has joined an IBM Corp and Microsoft Corp-backed web services body, potentially drawing to a close months of hostility over standards and specifications, writes Gavin Clarke. Santa Clara, California-based Sun said yesterday it has joined the Web Services Interoperability (WS-I) organization, a move …
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Certifiably certified

A recent issue of SC Magazine, one of the information security industry’s cheerleading trade rags, featured a full-page advertisement with the following emblazoned across the top of the page: “How to increase your salary by 21.39% in 7 days or less.” At first glance, I thought it was from the same people sending “Get Your …
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Closing spyware loopholes

I have this terrible recurring nightmare. One night, there is a knock on the door and Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer are there. When I ask why, they reply, "We are here for your kidney. Don't you remember the contract you clicked on when you downloaded the beta version of Internet Explorer? Don't you read those things?" …
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Fabulous fonts in Linux

Howto One of the more common disappointments reported about the Linux GUI is clunky fonts under X. While it's true that they can look pretty rough out of the box, it's also true that sharpening them up is easy and well worth the effort, thanks to MS TrueType fonts and the open-source FreeType project which makes them useable on Linux. What follows is an explanation of how to tweak them, assuming KDE is your desktop manager. (I imagine this may work on other desktops, but KDE is the only one I'm well acquainted with.)
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Lack of content holding back broadband in US

Price and the lack of compelling content is hampering the take-up of broadband in the US, according to the latest research from In-Stat/MDR.
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Punters prefer cable says blueyonder

Eight out of ten people prefer cable broadband compared to ADSL.
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Chopped cable knocks dabs.com off the web

"Could you please tell everybody my web site is down?" This is not ordinarily the kind of request you get from the boss of a giant online reselling outfit, but it is precisely what dabs.com CEO Dave Atherton just asked us, and we are happy to oblige. He has, after all the HP Halloween Ball to attend tonight (another one of those events where our invite seems mysteriously to have gone astray), and he's not looking forward to: "Have you gone bust? I tried to get onto your web site just now, and couldn't."
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Guerilla marketing tactics spawn viral fears

Users could be induced into spamming all their contacts after a greeting card site decided to apply highly questionable social engineering tricks to its latest marketing campaign.
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Amazon sales up a third

Web bookseller, Amazon, claims its decision to lower prices is beginning to pay dividends.
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MS defiles NYC with with killer-bee adverts

Updated New Yorkers are complaining about a flood of butterfly advertising decals being pasted to every available surface in town to promote MSN-8, the New York Times reports.