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Evesham buys Welsh system builder

Evesham Technology has bought Mertec, a Welsh-based system builder specialising in server networks design and installation. Terms were undisclosed.
Drew Cullen, 23 Oct 2002

Baltimore launches Trusted Business apps

In a bid to revive its flagging fortunes, internet security software vendor Baltimore Technologies Plc has launched a new suite of pre-packaged software modules designed to offer secure solutions for networking, messaging and electronic document management.
ComputerWire, 23 Oct 2002

Cisco buy Psionic for IDS skills

Cisco Systems Inc is expanding its presence in the network security software space with the acquisition of small, privately held intrusion-detection software (IDS) vendor Psionic Software Inc.
ComputerWire, 23 Oct 2002

Feds investigating ‘largest ever’ Internet attack

US Federal authorities are investigating an attack on the internet that has been described as the "largest and most complex" in history. Rather than a specific entity, the attack was aimed at the domain name system's root servers, essentially at the internet itself, writes Kevin Murphy.
ComputerWire, 23 Oct 2002

PeopleSoft aims to make noise in Europe

The opening day theme at PeopleSoft Connect EMEA 2002 in Paris yesterday was designed to address one of the problems that has been nagging at the enterprise applications company for years: the lack of awareness within the European market.
ComputerWire, 23 Oct 2002

MS releases Office 11 to beta testing

Microsoft Corp has announced that the next version of its Office suite, codenamed Office 11, has entered the first beta testing stage. The release of the new version comes as Microsoft arguably faces more competition in the office productivity software market than at any time in its history.
ComputerWire, 23 Oct 2002

Xandros Linux: ‘It just works’, even with Windows stuff

ReviewThe "premier release" of Xandros, formerly known as Corel Linux, is being released today at the Xandros.com Web site. Individual users can pick up a copy for $99, and corporate/enterprise users will see a discount price for multiple licenses. I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of Xandros to play around with. This distribution is Linux through and through, but it could just be the Linux that will truly snag a market that is looking to escape from the confines of Windows.
Tina Gasperson, 23 Oct 2002

Lotus chief worked, not fibbed, self out of job

"Former Lotus CEO speaks candidly about job shift," says the tantalising Computerworld headline and, given the colourful circumstances which preceded Jeff Papows' departure from Lotus in early 2000, how could anyone resist?
John Lettice, 23 Oct 2002

MGIF publishes m-gaming standard

The Mobile Games Interoperability Forum released its new specifications this week, giving mobile gamers another reason to prepare for an industry explosion.
ElectricNews.net, 23 Oct 2002

Novell touts MySQL with Netware 6

Novell this week has finally found a solution to one of its underlying problems. Despite the fact that it offers a raft of network management, policy management, security management and central repositories, most notably with its eDirectory, it's never had a database.
IT-Analysis, 23 Oct 2002
Broken CD with wrench

StorageTek pumps ATA drives into BladeStore

Advances in sub-systems are rarely groundbreaking - they simply mean data runs faster, only to hit a bottleneck elsewhere. But "groundbreaking" is what StorageTek is claiming for its new disk subsystem, launched this week. Called BladeStore, this product "alters the economics of information storage", the company says.
Drew Cullen, 23 Oct 2002

NTL boss clarifies salary

Barclay Knapp - the boss of NTL - had to face some flak on Monday after the Times reported that he is to receive a threefold increase in his salary.
Tim Richardson, 23 Oct 2002

IE hopelessly bug ridden

Nine closely-related Internet Explorer flaws leave users open to a variety of powerful attacks, security researchers at Israeli firm GreyMagic Software warned yesterday.
John Leyden, 23 Oct 2002

Euro porn ops fined £125K for premium rate abuse

Two European porn operators have been thumped with fines totaling £125,000 for running ads featuring child pornography.
Tim Richardson, 23 Oct 2002

MS joins phone battle with debut of Orange Stinger in UK

Microsoft's Stinger smartphone is finally with us, a year on from its first promised ship date, and after numerous missed ETAs in the intervening period. The winner, the Orange SPV, was unveiled in what Microsoft's press people curiously refer to as a "posh London nightclub," but which we thought was Old Billingsgate (a name with unexpected conjuring potential) Fish Market, last night, and in a curious sort of way it is still first, despite the delays to the Windows Smartphone platform.
John Lettice, 23 Oct 2002

Arson suspected in Manchester cable melt down

Phones services in Manchester and parts of the North West have been disrupted following a suspected arson attack.
Tim Richardson, 23 Oct 2002

Hutchison orders 2 million 3G phones from NEC

Hutchison Wampoa has doubled its order of dual-mode 3G phones from NEC to two million units. Nice work for NEC and nicer for Hutchison which needs lots of handsets, if it is to roll-out its greenfield 3 mobile phone networks in a meaningful fashion. To date it has taken delivery of just 1,000 handsets from NEC. The value of the contract is not revealed.
Drew Cullen, 23 Oct 2002

Powerllel claims go-faster algorithms for grid apps

At first glance, Powerllel looks to be a distributed computing solution similar to Platform LSF, Sun Grid Engine and DataSynapse LiveCluster. But after a closer look, it's clear that Powerllel's unique optimised and dynamic parallel computing technology actually complements these resource-sharing grid offerings.
IT-Analysis, 23 Oct 2002

Danish watchdog calls for ban on intrusive online ads

Our thanks to Kasper Larsen, founder of Klarisma, a web data-mining specialist, for drawing our attention to calls in Denmark to ban in-yer-face online ads such as "shutter" banner rolldowns and interstitials.
Drew Cullen, 23 Oct 2002

ASA slams ‘intimidating’ Domain Registry of Europe mailshots

The advertising watchdog has ordered the Domain Registry of Europe (DROE) to stop issuing mail shots that "look like bills".
Tim Richardson, 23 Oct 2002

Furore over Comparex Europe MBO

A former director of Comparex has placed two full page ads in Business Day, in South Africa, slamming the networking reseller's proposed sale of its European operations for a bargain basement price to an MBO team.
Drew Cullen, 23 Oct 2002

BTo flogs travel insurance

Crikey - things must be getting bad at BTopenworld.
Tim Richardson, 23 Oct 2002

Online banks, retailers shut out Linux, Opera, Konqueror fans

We've received an enormous amount of feedback from our story on the impossibility of opening money-saving online energy accounts with Scottish Power if you are a Linux or Opera user.
John Leyden, 23 Oct 2002

We're being spanked by Nokia – Gates

Nokia is creaming Microsoft in the phone business, Bill Gates said yesterday. Gates admitted the company is "way, way, way behind Nokia", according to a Financial Times report.
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Oct 2002

Claranet drops virus outbreak blocker

Claranet, the leading British ISP, this week abandoned its first line of defence against email-borne viruses following performance issues with its in-house developed technology, its global mail filter.
John Leyden, 23 Oct 2002

SuSE 8.1 illustrates MS' fear

Anyone wondering why MS execs Steve Ballmer and Brian Valentine are so bent out of shape about Linux should check out SuSE's most recent distro, 8.1, for insight. For a desktop PC or small-biz network it's already miles ahead of Win98-SE and ME and closing fast on XP for ease of installation and use by first-timers.
Thomas C Greene, 23 Oct 2002

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