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CIO survey gloomy on IT upturn prospects

There is not even a glimmer of hope that IT budgets will grow next year, latest research from Merrill Lynch & Co Inc has confirmed, with two-thirds of European business CIOs polled in a survey of technology spending forecasts expecting their budgets to be flat or down in 2003 compared with 2002. Half of all the 300 …
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Check Point claims victory in Firewall/VPN tests

Tests of three market-leading firewall/virtual private networking devices by the engineer calibre testing outfit The Tolly Group puts Check Point Technologies Ltd's VPN-1 Pro ahead of rival systems from Cisco Systems Inc and NetScreen Technologies Inc. The tests rated the performance of the $16,000 Check Point product as …
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MS seeks ISO approval for C Sharp, CLI

Microsoft Corp's C Sharp programming language and the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) has been passed to the International Standards Organization (ISO) for ratification. C Sharp and CLI were handed over by the European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA), which ratified the technologies in December 2001. C Sharp …

Server budgets down, but Intel sales go up

The last time the world was in a serious recession, a little more than a decade ago, Windows NT did not yet exist, Novell ruled the Intel-based server market, and Intel servers were not really practical platforms for enterprise applications, writes Timothy Prickett-Morgan. And at that time, there was a dramatic shift …
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IBM to Sell Linux-Only Regatta Servers?

IBM Corp last week announced that it has delivered the AIX 5L Release 5.2 version of its Unix operating system for its pSeries RISC-Unix servers, writes Timothy Prickett-Morgan. While most Linux customers don't care much about what IBM does or does not do in the pSeries line, my sources at the company say that IBM might be …
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Lawscot.co.uk domain dispute continues

The controversy over lawscot.co.uk shows no signs of ending soon, with owner Tommy Butler sacking his legal advisers.
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Visa Web-porn CC processing regs invite censors

Porno paymasters CCBill, iBill and Epoch/Paycom have issued a set of strict credit-card-order handling regulations for adult Webmasters using their services, which they say have been handed down to them from Visa International. The billing service providers, also called processors or aggregators, will now be responsible for a good deal more monitoring and record-keeping related to their clients, which henceforth are to be known as "sponsored merchants". The implication here, obviously, is that the billing processors are the ones doing the sponsoring, and are therefore implicitly accountable for the massive amounts of fraud and chargebacks which the on-line adult entertainment industry contributes to our happy lives as consumers.
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Linux-based TMTA tablet PC for $600?

After reviewing Acer's Tablet PC recently I mused out loud about the viability of using a more overtly tablet-like CE device for what I think of as 'proper' Tablet PC tasks. But why wait, asked reader Per Hammer - this one looks just the ticket, and it's only $600.
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China clamps down on Net cafes – again

China has launched another crack down on Internet cafes this time banning children under the age of 16 from using them.
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Lucent throws 10,000 more overboard

Lucent has announced plans to axe a further 10,000 workers after issuing a further profits warning.
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Cert-based authentication 'on life support at UK.gov

Single sign-on via certificates is "on life support" at the UK Government Gateway, and there now seems a strong possibility that the Gateway will pull out the plug, and start banging heads together. Speaking to The Register earlier today Alan Mather, the UK e-Envoy's CEO of e-delivery, said that uptake of certificates wasn't anything like his team had expected, and suggested that the achievement of simple, universally available authentication processes might be a matter for government rather than industry.
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S Korea broadband in league of its own

The UK Government has yet to respond to a report which examines South Korea's place as the world's leading broadband nation.
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Web sites blackout over Spanish monitoring law

Spanish Web site operators have taken their sites offline in protest at government proposals to regulate online content.
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MSN chucks $300m at new software

MSN is chucking $300m at marketing the latest version of its Net access software.
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DMCA critics get chance to object

The US Copyright Office has opened the door to exceptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act by inviting comments on the controversial law.
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IBM announces 64-bit PowerPC processor

Apple can look forward to a boost in speed and performance after news emerged of IBM's plans to produce a 1.8GHz 64-bit PowerPC processor next year. Maybe.
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PC doldrums, Back to BASICs, Google's blog skew

Letters : Life can be Krewell - and MDR analyst Kevin Krewell gets a rough reception for the predictions he made here:-