14th October 2002 Archive

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  • CIO survey gloomy on IT upturn prospects

    Not much hope for 2003

    Business 14 06:52

  • Check Point claims victory in Firewall/VPN tests

    Sponsorship works...

    Security 14 06:58

  • MS seeks ISO approval for C Sharp, CLI

    Houston, we have an image problem...

    Software 14 07:02

  • Server budgets down, but Intel sales go up

    Ideal price-performance for poverty-stricken customers...

    Data Centre 14 07:06

  • IBM to Sell Linux-Only Regatta Servers?

    Segmentation strategies...

    Software 14 07:09

  • Lawscot.co.uk domain dispute continues

    Owner sacks legal advisers

    Media 14 08:48

  • Visa Web-porn CC processing regs invite censors

    Thin end of the wedge

    Media 14 09:19

  • Linux-based TMTA tablet PC for $600?

    How can you refuse, even if it is a close-out sale?

    Personal 14 09:29

  • China clamps down on Net cafes – again

    No kidz

    Media 14 11:03

  • Lucent throws 10,000 more overboard

    Flying through a storm and trying to change engines

    Business 14 11:08

  • Cert-based authentication 'on life support at UK.gov

    System isn't working, so time to look for alternatives?

    Media 14 12:58

  • S Korea broadband in league of its own

    Just look at what the UK is up to

    Media 14 13:02

  • Web sites blackout over Spanish monitoring law

    Nobody expects the Spanish Internet Inquisition

    Media 14 13:08

  • MSN chucks $300m at new software

    Dig at status quo (no old rocker gags, promise)

    Media 14 14:46

  • DMCA critics get chance to object

    US Copyright Office wants reasoned objections, not rants

    Media 14 18:05

  • IBM announces 64-bit PowerPC processor

    Big chip Apple bound?

    Channel 14 18:08

  • PC doldrums, Back to BASICs, Google's blog skew

    Morning, constutionals

    Letters 14 23:01