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Sendmail Trojan looks familiar

The Trojan horse discovered in a distribution of the Sendmail open-source e-mail server has striking similarities to a backdoor planted in OpenSSH last summer, according to security experts who've analyzed the code. But missteps in the alerting process may have given the culprits a chance to cover their tracks. The …
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Paying for DRM

Letters : Music biz strikes back with free, DRM 'padlocked' downloads WMP users 'wish' for better DRM, wider takeup of WMA O geeks, what has become of us? The geeks are in fine fettle, Tom - get with the program
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SEC takes belated fraud action against L&H

The US Securities and Exchange Commission said yesterday it has filed a lawsuit against defunct language software developer Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products NV, alleging "fraudulent schemes" that wiped $8.6bn off the company's market value. The complaint claims that L&H, based and listed in Belgium and the US, …
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IBM Japan fined for misstating income

IBM Corp's Japanese subsidiary has been fined in approximately JPY 1.5bn ($12.1m) and forced to pay taxes relating to JPY 3bn ($24.3m) in revenue that was hidden by the company over three years, according to Japanese reports. A spokesperson for the Tokyo-based subsidiary has confirmed that IBM Japan has paid back taxes for …
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NAI posts profit on revenue up 13%

Network Associates Inc has reported net income of $9m for its third quarter, ended September 30, on revenue up 13% at $232.2m, including revenue from its recently reacquired McAfee.com Inc subsidiary. The Santa Clara, California-based security software and services vendor's net income compared with a net loss of $11.3m on …
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Security tops list of reasons not to deploy Web Services

End-to-end security of web services forms the most significant barrier to implementation by organizations, but this is not expected to hinder future development. A biannual survey of North American developers by Evans Data found 24% of respondents list security concerns as the number one reason for not rolling out web …
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Microsoft Passport boost through limited code access

Source code from Microsoft Corp's .NET Passport online authentication service is to be turned loose under a pseudo open source initiative, a move the company claimed will assist development of .NET applications. Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft yesterday announced code for its Passport Manager would be released to …
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Intel to appeal $150m Itanium patent ruling

Intel Corp is to appeal a judge's ruling yesterday that its Itanium processors infringe on patents owned by Intergraph Corp, risking an additional $100m payout on top of the $150m it has already agreed to pay Intergraph, Kevin Murphy writes Texas District Court Judge John Ward ruled that two Intergraph US patents are " …

AIX 5.2 provides dynamic partitions, other tweaks

IBM Corp will today roll out the software that will enable its Power4-based AIX servers to make use of dynamic logical partitions. These have been available for decades on its mainframes and since 1999 on its AS/400-iSeries line, writes Timothy Prickett Morgan. The dynamic logical partitioning support which is built into …
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102 ways to kill your computer

Update 2 Thanks to everyone who sent us their killer computer links. We've compiled them all at the end of this article for ease of reference.
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Outlook Express in crypto processing flaw

Code used to authenticate messages to Outlook Express users might be turned against them by attackers to run hostile code on victims' machines.
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Is this the end for .net.uk?

The second level domain .net.uk may be dead before Christmas due to underuse, thanks to the changing Internet world.
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Channel mired in networking depression

The networking market remains in a state of deep depression, with recovery not expected until the second half of 2003, and resellers in particular feeling the pain.

HP reaches out with software strategy

As the world moves down the road to a web services based future, HP, like every other vendor, is making its play in the big exciting world of applications on demand. Rather than setting up as a jack-of-all-trades, the new HP is collaborating and playing to its strengths in its latest web services software strategy.
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Office 11 Beta due within a month

The next version of Microsoft Office - codenamed office 11 - is not yet in beta, says Microsoft, but it is due within a month, Alun Williams writes.
PC Pro, 11 2002
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Mobile phone growth to stagnate in Europe

Western Europe's mobile phone market will stagnate at around the 300 million mark, says a new report.
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US tech job losses slowing?

The number of job losses in the US tech sector have hit staggering levels through the first half of this year. A report from the AEA, the American Electronics Association, shows that in the first few months as many as 113,000 employees were shown the door in one way or another. But hope is at hand - the organisation reckon that the rate of redundancies are slowing.
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Who will buy O2?

Opinion Simon Rockman is the publisher of What Mobile, a monthly magazine/buyer's guide for people interested in mobile phones.
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Todmorden might not get broadband

There are fears that Todmorden in West Yorkshire might not be upgraded to DSL because some ISPs are failing to pass on information to BT Wholesale.
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BTo admits ‘oversight’ in Todmorden pre-registration initiative

BTopenworld has admitted that it has so far failed to process any orders as part of a demand-led initiative to convert exchanges to DSL.
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BTo takes ADSL to the high street

BTopenworld has teamed up with high street electrical retailer Maplin to show off its business-class broadband service.
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Gio Internet in Pipex plagiarism row

The boss of Gio Internet claims that the appearance of Pipex's Ts&Cs on his ISP's Web site was "a mistake".
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Scottish ISP in repeat DDoS attack

Edinburgh-based ISP edNET was hit by a distributed denial of service attack, again.
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Messenger users get Henpecked

Virus writers have targeted MSN Messenger users with a childishly transparent, but at least partially effective, piece of social engineering.
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Introducing the latest hacker exploit: War Phoning

Bluetooth-enabled phones and PDAs with inadequate security could become the target of the next wave of security exploits, allowing phreakers to filch confidential information or even make calls using someone else's identity.

Carly's bananas to worry about Dell ink

Letters Quick question for you, by way of introduction:-
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NEC chip heretic was not Fisted

We reported here that an outspoken critic of Itanium at NEC Leonard Tsai had lost his job because of remarks made about the troubled processor.