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Punters tell of NatWest e-banking woe

Customers of NatWest's online bank are still reporting problems accessing their accounts following an upgrade at the weekend.
Tim Richardson, 10 Oct 2002

Ads keep Yahoo! in the black

ComputerWire, 10 Oct 2002

C&W seek another injunction against Akamai

ComputerWire, 10 Oct 2002

Philips dissolves Components business

ComputerWire, 10 Oct 2002

Microsoft outlines 3D progress to Trustworthiness

ComputerWire, 10 Oct 2002

'It's Tough' for Symbian as Psion sees WinCE device surge

ComputerWire, 10 Oct 2002

Fujitsu Siemens doing better than market

ComputerWire, 10 Oct 2002

Man dies playing computer games

A South Korean man died after a marathon session playing computer games.
Tim Richardson, 10 Oct 2002

November 18 date set for UnitedLinux

The first full version of UnitedLinux will be available from November 18.
John Leyden, 10 Oct 2002

Judge blows Lawsuits in Motion a Raspberry

A California Judge has dealt a setback to Research in Motion's attempt to prevent Good Technology from selling its copycat pager in the United States. Judge Ikola, in Orange County, Ca. denied RIM a request for a restraining order against Good.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Oct 2002

Dell nukes HP with printer ink pledge

Michael Dell yesterday repeated his threat to undercut rivals on the price of printer consumables, a pledge which could nuke Hewlett Packard's biggest source of revenue.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Oct 2002

Beware the IDEs of disk

The enterprise storage industry could not ignore IDE for much longer. At the low end, IDE-based RAID boxes now beat SCSI hands down on price per MB, and with many drive manufacturers making their SCSI and IDE products from common components, the argument that SCSI offers better quality doesn't wash anymore.
Bryan Betts, 10 Oct 2002

Games of the 80s bounce back on Nokia handsets

One of the strange quirks of today's mobile phone market is that the greatest hits games you might recall from nigh on 20 years ago are returning, on a device in your pocket Real Soon Now. Or indeed, actually now. Greybeards among The Register readership who remember Repton for the BBC Model B will be pleased (or possibly disturbed) to hear you can now get it on a mobile phone for £7.50.
John Lettice, 10 Oct 2002

NTL was jetliner in power dive, says leaked memo

Morale at NTL is low, according to a recent survey of employees at the cableco.
Tim Richardson, 10 Oct 2002

Supremes sympathize in copyright immortality case

UpdatedThe US Supreme Court heard arguments in Eldred v. Ashcroft Wednesday, where the infamous Mickey Mouse copyright extension law of 1998 was challenged and defended.
Thomas C Greene, 10 Oct 2002

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