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Documentum books eRoom

Documentum Inc, the document management turned enterprise content management (ECM) provider is to buy eRoom Technology Inc to bolster the collaborative capabilities of its expanding product suite. David Milam, chief marketing office of Pleasanton, California based Documentum said that it had agreed terms late yesterday "to …
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Aventail touts SSL-VPN appliance

Aventail Corp, which started out in 1996 as a supplier of secure sockets layer virtual private networking (SSL VPN) software and then moved on to sell managed services, will today announce its steps into the hardware business with a new SSL VPN appliance targeting enterprise VPN deployments. Slated for general availability …
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Orange to launch MS Smartphone in UK

Microsoft Corp's mobile handset dreams are finally set to become reality this month as the first Windows Smartphone 2002-powered device hits the shops, care of Orange SA. The mobile unit of France Telecom SA plans to launch the phone, built by Microsoft embedded OS enthusiast High Tech Computer Corp (HTC), in the UK before …
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Novell Walks the Path to Re-Invention

Novell Inc is today expected to take a practical step towards becoming a web services and application development vendor, announcing the first release of its re-brand exteNd suite. Provo, Utah-based Novell is due to announce exteNd 4.0 at GartnerGroup's Symposium/ITXpo in Orlando, Florida. Version 4.0 is the first …
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SPARCs fly: Tadpole sells hardware biz

Tadpole is selling its niche SPARC-based hardware division to a management consortium backed by an unnamed Hong Kong investor.
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Hynix re-marked chips sourced to Rombyte, First Choice

In May this year, Newbury memory distie Rombyte was raided by Trading Standards. It told us that it would send us a statement a few days later. We never received it.
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Reg Hackerettes: The future is black

In response to vociferous demands from female Reg readers, we have decided to complement the existing Hackerette range by offering our women's Hacker No.1 shirt in chic and timeless black.
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‘Free’ ADSL – 30 day trial for small businesses

B2B ISP Business Serve is offering 500 punters a "no obligation free 30-Day ADSL trial" in a bid to attract customers.
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ATI designs fast graphics DRAM spec, enlists vendor support

ATI today introduced a new specification for high-speed DRAM for graphics. Called GDDR3, this is the "first DRAM designed specifically for a market before an industry standard is available".

Enterprise storage ‘loses profits momentum’

It was a tougher than usual third quarter for the enterprise storage and switches vendors - and their resellers, channel consultancy Global Touch reports.
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Eclipse begins SDSL trials

Eclipse Internet has begun signing up businesses for an SDSL broadband trial. From today its broadband checker at eclipsebroadband will be able to check the availability of SDSL as well as ADSL.
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FBI sting snares top Russian crackers

A Russian cracker, tricked by the FBI into visiting the US on the pretext of a job interview, has been sentenced to three years in jail.
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Tablet PCs – the cool portables that come with a free pen

For the past couple of weeks I've had the opportunity, courtesy of those nice people at Microsoft, to change my life with the aid of a Tablet PC. As is so frequently the case with the Next Big Thing from Redmond, my life remains strangely unchanged; but perhaps more ominously from Microsoft's point of view, I've now stopped wondering where the beef is and concluded that there's no beef there, in this rev of the platform. Practically everything that you can do with this machine, you could already do by other means, sometimes better, and the 'special features' are so limited (and limiting) that you keep thinking 'it might be be nicer if it could only...' rather than, 'hey, that's cool.'

NetApp reads SAN script, heart stays with NAS

Network Appliance ends NAS-SAN war
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Worms turn on Win/Linux users

Amid the panic last week about the prolific, and very nasty, BearBug worm two more nasty varmints went largely unnoticed.
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Sun preps server, clustering, blade launches for November

The word on the street is that Sun Microsystems Inc is getting ready to make a whole slew of server announcements in November, possibly including the Sun Fire V1280 12-way server, Sun's first entries into the blade server market, its WildCat"system clustering technology, and maybe even a refreshed Linux server line, …
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Calls for EU clampdown on online gambling

Europe should introduce new legislation to clampdown on online gambling fraud, according to a top London lawyer.
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Pipex calls for punters to be patient

Broadband ISP Pipex has apologised for poor performance and is asking customers to be patient while the problems are resolved.
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Intel goes desktop hyperthreading chipset crazy

Intel today introduced four new P4 chipsets, all supporting hyperthreading. This positions the company and its OEMs nicely in advance of the launch later this year of the 3.06GHz P4, Intel's first desktop chip to actually have hyperthreading switched on.
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WorldCom mid-fry pleads guilty

WorldCom former accounting executive Buford Yates has pleaded guilty to securities fraud and conspiracy and will cooperate with the Feds in obtaining the dirt on his bosses in a massive accounting fraud, the Associated Press reports.
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Transmeta touts the ultra personal computer

The PC market is fragmenting as it matures with new form factors such Tablet PCs and ultra personal computers set to change the user computing experience.
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Palm launches $99 PDA

Palm has launched a PDA which breaks the $100 price barrier for the first time for a new offering from the company. The Zire is also the lightest model has offered (although it's a half a centimeter thicker than the Palm V/505) . Palm will sell the Zire direct from its website and through general stores, rather than through the more traditional electronics retail channel.
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House tosses Web-casters a bone

The US House of Representatives passed a bill Monday which would give financial relief to small Internet radio broadcasters threatened by recording-industry royalty extortion.