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IBM pencils Oct 8 for AIX 5.2

IBM Corp is getting ready to take the wraps off the next release of its AIX 5L operating system for its pSeries servers. Sources familiar with IBM's plans say that the company is expected to make the announcement on October 8, Timothy Prickett Morgan writes. This is just about when IBM was expected to make the AIX 5.2 …
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‘Brutal’ Q3 sees EMC lay-off 1,750

The Register has a new Enterprise Storage Channel
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Vodafone cool on ambitions for Cegetel

Vodafone Group Plc will use its spare cash for a share buyback if its 13.5bn euro ($13.2bn) offer for French operator Cegetel is not accepted. "Control in France would be good to have at the right price," chief executive Chris Gent said in New York. "It would not be so important or the end of the world is it did not happen …
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Gosling: Microsoft's Java threat is financial, not technical

.NET's threat to Java is financial not technological, according to James Gosling who believes Microsoft's wallet poses the biggest challenge to Sun Microsystems Inc's drive for market share, Gavin Clarke writes. Gosling - the inventor of Java - concedes, though, Microsoft has made some inroads with Visual Studio.NET. The …
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Bankrupt WorldCom sees major backbone problems

WorldCom Inc, which is said to carry as much as 70% of the internet's traffic, suffered an outage followed by a sustained period of severe latency yesterday, apparently after a software issue occurred during routine maintenance, Kevin Murphy writes. The outage, referred to as a "routing anomaly", occurred on the UUNet …

EDS ditches PwC Consulting

EDS Corp has confirmed that it has terminated its global SAP services alliance with management consultancy PwC Consulting LLC following its $3.5bn acquisition by IBM Corp. Plano, Texas-based EDS pulled the plug on the deal, which it set up with New York-based PwC Consulting last December to provide systems integration and …
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Claire Swires MK II: Man suspended over sex boast email

A bank worker has been suspended from his job in the City after he sent an email to friends boasting about a chance sexual encounter while watching football on the telly,
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UK Govt slams ‘irresponsible’ speed camera refund stunt

Criterion’s PlayStation 2 release of Burnout 2: Point of Impact hits retail on October 11th, and publisher Acclaim said on Wednesday that it would refund the fines of any driver caught by speed cameras on that day, to mark the launch and give them a chance to go and spend their hard-earned on speeding in a painless environment.
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Ximian to release enterprise level Red Carpet service

On Monday, October 7, Ximian is expected to announce Red Carpet Enterprise, the latest offering in the Red Carpet service family. Much the same as Red Carpet CorporateConnect, the difference is that systems administrators can put a Red Carpet server inside their firewall instead of having to rely on a less powerful and potentially less secure hosted service.
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Tiscali offers high-speed Net access for £20 a month

Tiscali UK is to offer an always-on high-speed Internet service for £19.99 a month, it confirmed today.
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PC World runs Freeserve ADSL promo

Freeserve has teamed up with former parent Dixons to offers cut-price broadband for customers who buy a new PC.
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Music biz strikes back with free, DRM ‘padlocked’ downloads

The juxtaposition of the words "free", "music" and "download" had its all too predictable effect yesterday when what was categorised as the UK music industry's kinder, gentler riposte to P2P (Probably to Pirate) file sharing kicked off. Digital Download Day, masterminded by Peter Gabriel's distribution company OD2 (On Demand Distribution) resulted in seriously whopped servers at OD2.
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Apache fixes scripting flaw

Apache is vulnerable to a number of cross-site scripting attacks.
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Today is National Computing Day

Today is National Computing Day in the UK. Surprised? So are we. No, it's not an official initiative, but the brainchild of ComputerActive, the UK's best-selling computer mag.
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O geeks, what has become of us?

Opinion Tom Steinberg is a founder of voxpolitics.com
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Claire Swires II: Get your Clever Trevor t-shirt here

How much worse can it get for poor old Trevor Luxton of Credit Lyonnais, aka Claire Swires II? Since he has already been suspended from his job and presumably facing the hellish fury of his girlfriend over email revelations that he received sexual favours from another woman while watching West Ham on TV, one can only imagine what further humiliations are to be delivered onto this boastful youth.
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No frills broadband could wipe-out ISPs

BT Broadband - the no-frills access-only service from BT - could spell the death of ISPs, according to Forrester Research.
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Sun to unbundle Solaris 9 for x86

Sun Microsystems has given a clear commitment to ship its Solaris 9 OS on Intel as a standalone product for the first time.
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Infineon beats up Mosel-Vitelic

Infineon is cancelling its shareholder's agreement ProMOS DRAM foundry JV, citing "repeated material breach of contract" by Mosel-Vitelic, its Taiwanese partner.
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Warning all RBS, Natwest punters. Withdraw cash now

This weekend Royal Bank of Scotland and Natwest integrate their computer systems. It goes live Monday.
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UK to get Sat broadband for £30

Two companies are to launch one-way broadband satellite services for prices that come close to the cost of ADSL. More importantly, the service would be accessible from almost anywhere in the UK.
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The geeks are in fine fettle, Tom – get with the program

Counter-Opinion Whichever one of my colleagues posted Tom Steinberg's guest editorial earlier today will have anticipated (gleeful rubbing of hands) much lovely, lively and enraged feedback. But probably not from me.
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Trainee(!) dishwasher pleads guilty to $80m identity fraud

A 32 year-old former trainee dishwasher (how can you be a trainee dishwasher?) has pleaded guilty to masterminding what investigators believe is the largest identity theft scam ever attempted.
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Nigerian freight forwarding scam hits UK

Small businesses have launched a fight back against fraud through a Web site which provides early warning alerts about credit card scams.