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Don't buy computer games for a week

Consumers should avoid buying computer games in the run-up to Christmas as part of a campaign to secure cheaper prices for games.
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BTo confirms plan to ditch unmetered Anytime service

BTopenworld has confirmed that it is to cap its AnyTime and SurfTime unmetered dial-up services.
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Overture wins MSN deal extension

Overture Services Inc, which sees its shares jump around whenever a new deal is announced in the online paid-search advertising market, yesterday said it has renewed its distribution deal with Microsoft Corp's MSN service. Its share price increased 7% on the news. There had been a question mark over the relationship since …
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Microsoft buys Liquid Audio DRM patents

Microsoft Corp has got its hands on a suite of digital rights management patents, but one of the companies most likely to be concerned by the move talked down its importance. Microsoft said it is to pay $7m for Liquid Audio Inc's US an international patents, believed to be around 20 or over in number. Liquid, which is …

HP fires patent lawsuit, EMC fires back

The Register has a new Enterprise Storage Channel The Register has a new Enterprise Storage Channel The lawyers have been called out once again in the storage industry, this time on behalf of Hewlett Packard Co and EMC Corp which traded patent-infringement lawsuits yesterday. HP threw the first punch, filing a surprise lawsuit yesterday morning that named seven patents …

Clustered Linux shines on commercial TPC-C test

The Register has a new Enterprise Storage Channel The Register has a new Enterprise Storage Channel Hewlett Packard Co, which has become perhaps the staunchest supporter of the TPC-C online transaction processing benchmark, is the first vendor out the door testing Oracle Corp's 9I Real Application Clusters (RACs) clustering software, Timothy Prickett Morgan writes. RACs …
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Yukon take Microsoft back to developer roots

Features that anticipate and complete a developer's next programming move are slated for Microsoft Corp's Visual Studio.NET Yukon, billed by one executive as a "return to the company's roots", Gavin Clarke writes. Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft told ComputerWire Visual Studio.NET Yukon would "dramatically simplify" …
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Red Hat Linux 8.0 gets mixed reception

Red Hat Inc has announced the release of its latest attack on the desktop operating system market, but the release of Red Hat Linux 8.0 has proved controversial not only for its potential to impact Microsoft Corp's desktop dominance. Included in Raleigh, North Carolina-based Red Hat's latest version of the desktop …
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SAP ushers SuSE into World League

The Register has a new Enterprise Storage Channel SAP has signed up SuSE Linux, the German-based Linux distro firm, as a global technology partner for MySAP.com deployments.
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BT sets up consumer mobile phone biz (again)

BT has confirmed that it is once again to provide a mobile phone service to consumers, less than a year after flogging its mobile division.
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“I am not Henry Raddick” – HRH Prince of Wales

A spokesman for Prince Charles has scotched rumours that the heir to the British throne is the real author of a series of mysterious Amazon.com reader reviews that have perplexed and entertained Internet users over the past eighteen months.

Tyan puts dual Xeons on ATX Tiger

Tyan today claimed a first - a dual Xeon mobo, shoehorned into the bog-standard ATX board form factor. The upshot means that system builders and OEMs can build smaller servers, maybe cheaper.
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Creative sticks with Nvidia for Christmas (probably longer)

In August this year Creative Technology conducted an internal review of the graphics chips players, examining roadmaps, benchmarking the products etc. The outcome, revealed in London yesterday, is that the PC peripherals player is sticking with Nvidia, certainly until Christmas.
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AOL, Freeserve, Tiscali stick with unmetered Net access

The UK's leading ISPs all say they have no plans to follow BTopenworld's lead and cap their 24/7 flat-rate dial-up services.
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Danger Inc snags all-you-can-eat deal for Hiptop debut

T-Mobile's Sidekick communicator rolls into US stores today, and Danger Inc has ensured the device will make a splash by snaring the first all-you-can-eat data deal on this side of the Atlantic.
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Freeserve network probs in Midlands and South

Freeserve is busy trying to restore service to customers in the Midlands and the South of England after customers reported that accessing Web sites was proving impossible. The problem, which affects users of its AnyTime dial-up service, means that many Web pages load slowly - if at all.
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Mobile phone Java risks ‘minimal’

Is wireless Java at risk from malicious code attack? The answer appears to be no - for vanilla Java 2 Micro Edition (Java 2 ME). But vendors' proprietary extensions are more problematic, according to Markus Schmall, of T-Mobile. He recently conducted a study of the security of Java 2 ME, using tests on a Siemens SL45 phone.
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Porn diallers and Trojans – the new face of malicious code

The profile of malicious code on the Internet is changing with porn diallers and Trojan horses becoming more serious problems. A study on the malicious code blocked last year by managed services firm MessageLabs finds the spread of Trojan horses is becoming more organised.
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America's National Cybersecurity Strategy

Yesterday the White House released its long-awaited "National Strategy To Secure Cyberspace." This high-level blueprint document (black/white or color), in-development for over a year by Richard Clarke's Cybersecurity team, is the latest US government plan to address the many issues associated with the Information Age. The …
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BTo to cap ADSL?

The Register has received a number of emails from worried customers of BTopenworld asking if the ISP's decision to cap its unmetered dial-up service could have an impact on its broadband service.
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Crucial starts flogging graphics cards in Europe

Crucial Technology is to start selling two ATI graphics cards through its European web site with immediate effect (Crucial US has been selling graphics cards for a wee while - of course).
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BTo emails service cap sob story

BTopenworld has begun sending out bleeding heart emails to its punters informing them that its is capping its flat-fee AnyTime package.
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On AMD Athlon XP 2800+ 333 FSB, nForce2 and VIA

Nvidia has confirmed that the nForce 2 graphics chipset is in production, timing the announcement to coincide with today's big CPU launch, the AMD Athlon XP 2800+ with the 333 frontside bus (FSB). A data throughput improvement of "up to 25 per cent" is promised by AMD for its new CPU. nForce 2-powered mobos should be heading their way in to retail by the end of this month.