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Intel dampens DRAM alliance speculation

ComputerWire, 27 Sep 2002

Jobs axe falls at Colt

Colt Telecom has confirmed massive job cuts amid the continuing slump in the telecoms industry.
Tim Richardson, 27 Sep 2002

Software firms team to fight bug leaks

ComputerWire, 27 Sep 2002

Nortel warns again of Q3 revenue slump

ComputerWire, 27 Sep 2002

Nokia launches first dual-mode 3G phone

Nokia Corp attempted to shine a light across the gloomy European 3G landscape yesterday with the launch of the first 3GPP-compliant WCDMA and GSM900/1800 dual-mode, tri-band handset.
ComputerWire, 27 Sep 2002

PCA attacks ‘shabby’ handling of Great Fujitsu HDD fiasco

To: Adam Harris VP – Fujitsu Europe
Drew Cullen, 27 Sep 2002

AOL UK pulls unmetered dial-up Net access

AOL UK is to cease offering unmetered dial-up Net access to up to 30,000 customers because their telcos don't support unmetered Internet services.
Tim Richardson, 27 Sep 2002

Nagel, Sakoman map Palm's future

One of my very first forays into the wicked, wicked world of journalism (aged 15) was being shown by a local radio reporter how to re-edit a tape to make the Mayor of Middlesbrough appear to be a slurring, bumbling wreck. I'd wangled a school assignment with the station and having just met the Mayor - a confused and very red-faced fellow - in person, the doctored tape did him no less than justice. Sometimes you have to exaggerate the truth just a little bit, to convey the essential truth.
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Sep 2002

Nvidia turns water into wine

UpdatedNvidia is to take a charge of up to $66m to cover the cost of converting underwater - i.e. worthless -employee stock options into stock. If all the option holders take up the offer - and they would be as daft as a brush not to accept free shares - 20.6 million stock options will be cancelled and 4.8 million new shares will be issued.
Drew Cullen, 27 Sep 2002

Hacker groups declare war on US.gov

A record number of malicious hacking attempts were made this month, and anti-American groups are responsible.
ElectricNews.net, 27 Sep 2002

The Nortel anti-worm defence system

Nortel Networks yesterday revealed the anti-computer worm defences it had developed in-house after it was hit hard by last year's outbreaks of Nimda and Code Red 2.
John Leyden, 27 Sep 2002

Viruses are dead. Long live viruses!

This year has been mercifully quiet on the virus front but anyone who reckons the virus problem has finally been beaten is failing to learn the lessons of history.
John Leyden, 27 Sep 2002

Let me out of here, I'm an anti-virus expert

Mollycoddled attendees at the Virus bulletin conference remained confined to the Hyatt Hotel, New Orleans on Wednesday night, as Tropical Storm Isiodore petered out.
John Leyden, 27 Sep 2002

BT sets DSL demand levels for 58 more exchanges

BT Wholesale has set pre-registration trigger levels for a further 58 telephone exchanges, it announced today.
Tim Richardson, 27 Sep 2002

Windows XP version 2 mooted for 2003?

Despite earlier suggestions to the contrary (which we didn't believe anyway) Microsoft may be planning an interim version of Windows XP to fill the chasm between last year's rollout of XP itself, and the next big one, Longhorn, which quite possibly won't hit until 2006 or later. According to an eWeek piece by Mary Jo Foley (who we have missed greatly since Ziff Davis hid her in a paid-for newsletter), Microsoft is proposing to reach for the bottle again, having foresworn the demon release cycle treadmill just a few short months ago.
John Lettice, 27 Sep 2002

Letters: let's hear it for Nvidia stock options

Our criticism of Nvidia's plan to convert employee share options into stock (Nvidia turns water into wine) is not universally shared. Here are two contrarian opinions.
Drew Cullen, 27 Sep 2002

CNET intros listing fees for Download.com

CNET is to start charging software publishers for listing their apps on Download.com.
Drew Cullen, 27 Sep 2002

Win-XP Help Center request wipes your HD

A malicious Win-XP Help Center request can easily and silently delete the contents of any directory on your Windows machine, we've learned. Worse, MS has rolled the fix silently into SP1 without making a public announcement. A good sketch of the problem in English, along with a harmless self-test, can be found here, thanks to Mike at http://unity.skankhouse.org, who did some tinkering after noticing a tip on a BBS.
Thomas C Greene, 27 Sep 2002

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