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Xbox names broadband partners for Live gig

Telewest, NTL and BTOpenworld are to provide the broadband connections in the UK for Xbox Live - the online gaming service from Microsoft.
Tim Richardson, 25 Sep 2002

An XP Tablet with 16 hours' juice?

A Canadian battery manufacturer reckons it can produce an XP Tablet PC with up to 16 hours' untethered life.
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Sep 2002

Taiwan institute licenses ARM core

ComputerWire, 25 Sep 2002

Orange France falters on lower handset sales

ComputerWire, 25 Sep 2002
DVD it in many colours

IBM ‘Xcalibur’ blades stack up with eServer range

ComputerWire, 25 Sep 2002

Intel eases up in race to 10GHz

ComputerWire, 25 Sep 2002

MS chief Ballmer rules out services buys

ComputerWire, 25 Sep 2002

Host pulls satire site after police ‘incitement’ claim

A satirical Web site that attempted to parody concerns over child safety has been shut down following the intervention of police.
Tim Richardson, 25 Sep 2002

Of Voda, voodoo and GPRS

A couple of weeks back, while getting all excited about the Psion netBook finally getting Ethernet, I intimated that I might well buckle and spring for a Nokia 7650, thus adding the joys of GPRS connectivity and massively enhancing my new untethered lifestyle. I resisted the temptation for a whole two days, then reported to the Vodafone store.
John Lettice, 25 Sep 2002

Oftel boss gets Ofcom job

Heavily criticised Oftel boss David Edmonds has secured a place on the board of the new Office of Communications (Ofcom).
Tim Richardson, 25 Sep 2002

HP: following DEC's fate as Microsoft VAR?

AnalysisA story that old DEC hands like to tell is about the time Digital was designing the MicroVAX. Ken Olsen went to the board and told them they could expect the share price to stagnate for a couple of years. Digital Equipment Corporation, Olsen said, would focus all its efforts on putting the VAX onto a chip (from a board) and things in the meantime would be grim. The MicroVAX turned out to be a roaring success, DEC's share price subsequently tripled, and Olsen was vindicated.
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Sep 2002

Core Java from IT-minds.com

This week's specials from IT-minds.com include the newly updated Core Java books from Cay Hortsmann and Gary Cornell - mandatory reading for any Java programmer. Both books normally retail for £39.99 but you can get them for £27.99 - a saving of 30 per cent.
Team Register, 25 Sep 2002

Less RMS, more freedom – FSF pitches to wider audience

Now that GNU/Linux is becoming a household commodity, the Free Software Foundation is facing changes in its priorities. Used to be that rounding up Free Software developers to complete a non-proprietary operating system was job one. Now other things are more urgent, like fighting digital rights management (or digital "restrictions" management, as Richard M. Stallman puts it), and enforcing the GPL. So when it comes to the public face of the FSF, it means you may be seeing less of RMS and more of other people.
Tina Gasperson, 25 Sep 2002

Stelios protests at threat of music biz CD burning gag

EasyInternetCafe - the high street Internet café chain - is to protest outside the High Court in London tomorrow against the threat of a gagging order from the music industry.
Tim Richardson, 25 Sep 2002
Cat 5 cable

The Red Hat, IBM pitch for Linux in the enterprise

Earlier this week The Register had an interesting talk over lunch with Red Hat VP marketing Mark de Visser, covering a fair range of topics, including how Redmond finally gets it, what takes its place (no, not Red Hat, we agreed on that) and the two Next Big Things for Red Hat - the Red Hat Desktop, and the Advanced Server deal with IBM. There's a certain amount of controversy associated with both of these, but as (with the aid of the Red Hat 8 CD he pressed into our hands) we'll do a user's eye view of the desktop later, we'll concentrate on the Advanced Server strategy here.
John Lettice, 25 Sep 2002

Greece lifts computer games ban

Greece's ban on playing computer games appears to have been lifted.
Tim Richardson, 25 Sep 2002

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