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US tightens ICANN leash

ComputerWire, 23 Sep 2002

Palm targets the wireless enterprise

ComputerWire, 23 Sep 2002

HP to give away BEA application server

ComputerWire, 23 Sep 2002

Oracle calls for Web Services choreography peace

ComputerWire, 23 Sep 2002

Let there be light: the ‘invisible’ keyboard

Finger cramps from typing into mobile phones or PDAs could be a thing of the past following the launch of a full-sized keyboard made out of light.
ElectricNews.net, 23 Sep 2002

Review: Lindows 2.0 has beautiful skin, iffy personality

Lindows 2.0 looks cool, I have to admit. The company has stopped aping KDE and gotten a desktop look that is more its own. Lindows has made scant concessions to the knowledgeable, allowing for a somewhat more advanced setup configuration. I'm still concerned for the newbies, though.
Tina Gasperson, 23 Sep 2002

Nintendo confirms Rare sale

Nintendo has officially confirmed that it has sold its 49 per cent stake in UK developer Rare, ending an exclusive relationship which has lasted through several console revisions and handing over with it the rights to such franchises as Perfect Dark and Banjo Kazooie.
gamesindustry.biz, 23 Sep 2002

Google muscles into news searching

Google has launched its news search facility after months of testing. Officially still in beta mode, the purply-brown liveried Google News has a button on the launch page, which means gazillions will access the service.
Drew Cullen, 23 Sep 2002

BTo gets tough with Sat bandwidth hogs

BTopenworld has put the frighteners on its satellite broadband users over their excessive use of bandwidth at peak business hours during the day.
Tim Richardson, 23 Sep 2002

Woman falls for Nigerian scam, steals $2.1m from law firm

A bookkeeper for Michigan law firm Olsman Mueller & James has been taken for $2.1m by Nigerian 419 fraudsters, the Detroit Free Press reports.
Lester Haines, 23 Sep 2002

HP blade sales ‘taking off like a rocket’

HP reports blade server sales are "taking off like a rocket", with 1,800 units shifted a month.
John Leyden, 23 Sep 2002

Freeserve slams BT broadband ad blitz

Freeserve is considering launching a new complaint against BT following the introduction of its massive broadband advertising blitz.
Tim Richardson, 23 Sep 2002

BT crosses fingers for ADSL fix

BT Wholesale should know this afternoon whether it has been able to fix a problem that has dogged an unknown number of ADSL users for more than 10 days.
Tim Richardson, 23 Sep 2002

Freeserve confirms CEO

Freeserve - the UK's biggest ISP - has named bean counter Eric Abensur as the ISP's new CEO.
Tim Richardson, 23 Sep 2002

Wife hired hitman to kill ex-Apple UK boss

The wife of former Apple UK boss Jon Molyneux today pleaded guilty to soliciting to murder her husband.
Drew Cullen, 23 Sep 2002

Crypto boffins: let's get physical

Researchers at MIT have developed a physical token, based on tiny glass spheres encased in epoxy resin, as a more secure alternative to generating cryptographic keys electronically.
John Leyden, 23 Sep 2002

Sun Crypto curves into open source project

Sun Microsystems has donated its Elliptic Curve Cryptography technology to the OpenSSL project.
John Leyden, 23 Sep 2002

3G branding absurd, admits Sprint rep

Both Intel and AMD have received been slammed for misleading customers by labeling processors according to a performance rating rather than clock frequency. The difference between the PR and the "equivalent" Mhz is pretty small: usually only a few per cent.
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Sep 2002

Creative launches Audigy 2 (but no PC, OK?)

Today Creative launched the Audigy 2, its next generation sound card, in Singapore. Within hours the hardware maker issued a press release correcting Bloomberg's "inaccurate report" which had stated that it was planning "to introduce a computer for music and movies."
Drew Cullen, 23 Sep 2002

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