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Sun makes Sun Fire servers more like mainframes

ComputerWire, 20 Sep 2002

On IBM's iSeries and OS/400 roadmaps

ComputerWire, 20 Sep 2002

US .gov info restricted over attacker fears

ComputerWire, 20 Sep 2002

President's Cyber Man seeks Framework support

ComputerWire, 20 Sep 2002

Experts say White House protocol upgrade advice is serious

ComputerWire, 20 Sep 2002

UK firm creates GPS tracker for kids

Parents in the UK will soon be able to track the whereabouts of their children using a GPS device that can be partly disguised as a badge.
ElectricNews.net, 20 Sep 2002
SGI logo hardware close-up

Dropping Dell: now it's 3Com's turn

Dell is getting the networking vendors seriously rattled. This week it's 3Com's turn to announce that it is to drop Dell as a reseller, effective immediately, following the PC vendor's decision to sell its own switches.
Drew Cullen, 20 Sep 2002

Asynchronous processing, multiple cores in SPARC future

After revealing on Wednesday that work on UltraSPARC VI(6) and VII(7) was underway, David Yen, the guy in charge of the microprocessor (and networking and security) work at Sun Microsystems and his team couldn't shut up about their plans yesterday.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Sep 2002

Alcatel to shed 23,000 jobs

Alcatel is staring down both barrels today as it announced that a further 23,000 people would lose their jobs by the end of next year.
Tim Richardson, 20 Sep 2002

ADSL for £12.99 – How do they do that?

What a curious week it's been for broadband. Last week BT boss Ben Verwaayen told journalists that it was highly unlikely that the monster telco would be cutting the wholesale cost of broadband in the near future.
Tim Richardson, 20 Sep 2002

5-4-3-2-1. Way to Go, Infineon!

Infineon, the European semiconductor giant, today issued a new statement of strategic goals, under the banner Agenda 5-to-1. The marketing bunnies have been working overtime, as the opening paragraph demonstrates (the bolded words are Infineon's own).
Drew Cullen, 20 Sep 2002

Less, and more, than meets eye to MS Wi-Fi push

Microsoft's wireless networking products, announced earlier this week, are apparently truly wonderful, but on (slightly) closer investigation their wondrous nature remains somewhat opaque. They are, it appears, badged Linksys products, and the US prices quoted in the announcement seem in line with what's being charged for those very same Linksys products at, say, Best Buy.
John Lettice, 20 Sep 2002

Broadband over power lines idea alive and well

Remember the idea of using power cables as a medium to transmit high-speed Internet traffic?
John Leyden, 20 Sep 2002

Consumer groups state DRM case

The U.S. Department of Commerce's Technology Administration established a "dialog" with consumer groups worried about the impact of proposed digital rights management schemes during a sit-down Tuesday, but don't expect big changes in the agency's position on the need for DRM.
Grant Gross, 20 Sep 2002

NTL gatecrashes BT's broadband bash

NTL Broadband is now "richer, faster and better value than BT" - according to those impartial peeps at NTL.
Tim Richardson, 20 Sep 2002

Intel's future is 3D

Higher processor performance, with greater power efficiency, is promised by Intel's research in transistor design, writes Alun Williams.
PC Pro, 20 Sep 2002

Recycling is so PC

A new company, Key Computers, is to offer cheap computers, notebooks and peripherals and tackle the growing mountain of waste computer products in the UK, Matt Whipp writes.
PC Pro, 20 Sep 2002

Case survives AOL TW ‘rebellion’

The much-hyped rebellion to oust the chairman of AOL TW appears to have fizzled out. For the time being at least. Speculation that Case could be unseated from his chair came to head earlier this week as the board of the media and Internet giant prepared to meet.
Tim Richardson, 20 Sep 2002

Child email tracking – Does it work?

Wouldn't it be good if parents could track who their children are emailing.
John Leyden, 20 Sep 2002

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