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Sun discloses UltraSPARC VI and VII, shows IV silicon

Sun's processor roadmap is at sixes and sevens - or VIs and VIIs to be more precise.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Sep 2002

No escape act for General Magic

ComputerWire, 19 Sep 2002
SGI logo hardware close-up

Cisco adds Dell to competition

ComputerWire, 19 Sep 2002

UnitedLinux might not be very GPL-friendly

UnitedLinux held a telephone party yesterday to announce new general manager Paula Hunter and talk about its open beta release. Lots of curious journalists showed up. The question-askers all had a cynical air about them, and yet UnitedLinux bigwigs didn't seem surprised by the grilling. The underlying question still: what will UnitedLinux mean in the big picture that is Linux business? Our question: what about the GPL? (Also inside, an open letter to the UnitedLinux group from the FSF.)
Tina Gasperson, 19 Sep 2002

Watch out! the audicons are coming

Irish company 2PM Technologies has unveiled a new application that will let users send whimsical noises alongside audible SMS messages.
ElectricNews.net, 19 Sep 2002

Prudential sues Unisys for £12m

Prudential, the UK insurance giant, is sueing Unisys for £12m over an Internet based IT system which failed to "failures and inabilities to perform its obligations".
Drew Cullen, 19 Sep 2002

Intel cranks up Celeron to 2GHz

Intel yesterday began shipping a 2GHz Celeron chip, which means that tcheap PC you buy for Christmas needn't run like a dachshund.
Drew Cullen, 19 Sep 2002

Internet filtering software ‘damages educational opportunities’

Surprise, surprise, Internet filtering 'wrongly blocks many sites', according to a new study on the use of this technology in schools.
Drew Cullen, 19 Sep 2002

SK govt ‘sceptical’ of Hynix independence

The South Korea government is 'sceptical' of Hynix's ability to survive on its own, because of falling memory prices.
Drew Cullen, 19 Sep 2002

BT blankets TV with broadband ads

BT is to spend a whopping £33m over the next couple of weeks in a bid to double the take-up of broadband in the UK. From Sunday the monster telco is to spend £1m a day in a ten-day nation-wide TV campaign to plug broadband.
Tim Richardson, 19 Sep 2002

VIA climbs on Quad Band Memory bandwidth wagon

VIA and its US sub S3 Graphics are to produce chipsets which support Quad Band Memory (QBM). This memory technology, from Kentron Technologies, is designed to double the bandwidth of DDR SDRAM.
Drew Cullen, 19 Sep 2002

Record biz rips off UK – a history lesson

Punters steal when they swap music over P2P services, right? So what is the music industry doing when it sends in the goons to stop retailers from importing CDs?
Drew Cullen, 19 Sep 2002

Rural Hants could get wireless broadband

Rural Hampshire could be getting broadband, according to the boss of Andover-based Net outfit SP10.
Tim Richardson, 19 Sep 2002

MS slammed for antitrust deal violations in XP, Win2k SPs

ProComp, the Sun-, Oracle- and usual suspects-backed lobbying group set up to push for tougher measures against Microsoft, has launched an attack on WinXP SP1 and Win2k SP3, saying they contain clear violations of the MS-DoJ proposed antitrust settlement terms they're claimed by Microsoft to comply with. That is not of course to say that ProComp would be happy with those terms even if the Service Packs did meet them - it would not - but it has taken the opportunity to send an extended and reasonably well-researched 'told you so' to the DoJ, listing six claimed violations, and it intimates that its study of Microsoft's API disclosure procedures will follow shortly.
John Lettice, 19 Sep 2002

LCD monitor sales pedal backward in Q2

LCD desktop monitor sales in Europe fell for the first quarter ever in Q2 this year. Two quarters of consecutive price rises proved too much for the already weak PC market to bear it seems - In France, Spain and the UK, LCD market share compared with CRTs actually fell in Q2.
Drew Cullen, 19 Sep 2002

NHS PKI project in sick bay

All is not well in the changeover of digital certificate technology providers used to transfer pathology results within the NHS.
John Leyden, 19 Sep 2002

Greek gaming tragedy turns to farce

The Greek gaming tragedy is fast sliding into farce.
Tim Richardson, 19 Sep 2002

Linux rootkit hacker suspect arrested in UK

A 21-year old from Surbiton, Surrey has been arrested on suspicion of writing and distributing the T0rn rootkit, which dumbs down the process of hacking Linux servers.
John Leyden, 19 Sep 2002

HP issues statement on Compaq Fujitsu HDD failures

Last week we reported a product recall - sorry replacement - of 300,000 faulty Fujitsu hard drives (possibly only in Japan. Fujitsu is not saying).
Drew Cullen, 19 Sep 2002

Motorola mega-leak: the agony lingers on

Motorola has plugged one source of the leak that saw most of next year's GSM handsets spill on to the web over the weekend. But a Czech site still appears to have chapter and verse, and includes some information that Howards didn't publish.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Sep 2002

Flaws in Microsoft VM. Fix now

Microsoft has alerted the world+dog to a trio of vulns in its implementation of Java Virtual Machine. The most serious enables an attacker to gain "complete control" over a victim's system. So get patching now.
John Leyden, 19 Sep 2002

RIM granted handheld email patent – clobbers Handspring

On Tuesday Research in Motion was granted a patent for a "hand-held email device", and waited just 24 hours before clobbering rival Handspring Inc. with a writ.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Sep 2002

WLAN sales reach for the stars

Wireless LAN sales are rocketing, with shipments expected to grow 73 per cent this year. Even though prices are falling, revenue will grow 26 per cent this year, according to Gartner Dataquest.
John Leyden, 19 Sep 2002

Gwana-gwana landslide buries Sun Linux

AnalysisWhat are we to make of Sun's Linux Desktop announcement? We inadvertently provided the answer ourselves talking to Sun executives yesterday. What a good idea it is, we mused, to revive the vendor show: the press arrives in droves, and for a few hours at least, you have their undivided attention.
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Sep 2002

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