18th September 2002 Archive

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  • Hong Kong tops mobile internet league table

    Finland marked down on broadband

    Media 18 10:08

  • Claranet mops up Netscalibur's German ops

    Euro expansion

    Media 18 10:10

  • Earthlink to bundle with Lindows PCs

    Easier setup aimed for

    Media 18 10:13

  • Taiwan poised to gain from chip upturn

    Early switch to 12 inch a key advantage

    Channel 18 10:16

  • White House report to call for tougher net security

    But will skip mandates

    Security 18 10:21

  • ABIT system brings high performance to budget GeForce4

    New cooling system the key

    Channel 18 11:10

  • AOL Europe gets new president

    Chairman Case under pressure

    Business 18 15:00

  • Get blogging with IT-minds.com

    'Genius Strategies for Instant Web Content' at 30 per cent off

    Business 18 15:06

  • UltraSPARC III hits 1.2GHz

    130nm process gears up

    Channel 18 15:11

  • Leading Tory moots electronic tracking for UK paedos

    Cites Florida 'success'

    Media 18 15:12

  • Convergys, Deloitte face £8m unfair dismissal suit

    TelesensKSCL ex-staffers in class action

    Business 18 15:22

  • MS and ARM announce three new CE supporters

    Motorola, NeoMagic, STMicro

    Channel 18 16:16

  • MS addresses Hotmail spam blizzard. At last

    Signs up Brightmail

    Media 18 16:19

  • Nectar suspends Web registrations

    Can't cope, won't cope

    e-Business 18 16:20

  • Microsoft tops Google hell search rankings

    Even beats hell.com...

    Bootnotes 18 17:30

  • Sun punts cheap PCs at blue collar workers

    Our hairball is cheaper than their hairball

    Data Centre 18 17:39

  • MS silently fixes password sniffing bug with XP SP1

    Naughty. Very naughty

    Security 18 21:38