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Red Hat nullifies KDE, Gnome

Red Hat's Owen Taylor has been explaining why the distro has decided to erase the differences between the look and feel of its desktop offerings from KDE and Gnome.
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EarthLink buffers WorldCom exposure with StarNet deal

EarthLink Inc is increasing the number of companies supplying it with dialup connectivity, possibly as a contingency against financially troubled networks going dark. Palatine, Illinois-based StarNet Inc yesterday announced it is to provide wholesale dialup to EarthLink Inc from over 100 locations in the US and Canada.
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C&W flogs US retail voice biz

Cable & Wireless Plc plans to sell its US retail customer base to a subsidiary of Primus Telecommunications Group Inc for $32m, as part of the restructuring of its US operations to focus on data and internet services. Subject to approval by relevant regulatory authorities in the US, the cash deal is expected to be …

Red Hat, IBM push Advanced Server on eServers

IBM and Red Hat yesterday announced a deal that will see the two companies collaborate on the development, sales, and support of Red Hat's Linux Advanced Server operating system, Timothy Prickett Morgan writes. While the generic Red Hat Linux operating system is geared for desktops, workstations, and infrastructure …
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Go Daddy offers anonymous domain registration

A new sister company of Go Daddy Software Inc is to start offering internet users anonymous domain name registration from today, becoming the first major domain name registrar to do so, Kevin Murphy writes. Go Daddy founder Bob Parsons has set up Domains By Proxy Inc, essentially a Go Daddy reseller that will enter its own …
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Borland offers WebGain community conversion

The wolves are circling WebGain Inc's former user community, as Borland Software Corp today teamed with BEA Systems Inc to offer migration technology to the defunct company's customers. Scotts Valley, California-based Borland will today launch a free migration wizard that converts the Visual Café integrated development …
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Originator of Excel, Word leaves MS for startup

Charles Simonyi, the man who laid the cornerstones of Microsoft's applications software empire, is leaving the company to do his own thing, a software startup. Simonyi was one of Microsoft's longest-serving employees, joining in 1981 from Xerox PARC, and has in his list of credits Multiplan, Word and Excel.
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Intel directs channel funds to small biz market

Intel today opened out its channel organisation to small computer dealers. Called the Intel Reseller Programme, this new entry-level accreditation even has some co-op marketing funds at its disposal, we think -the company's alloted press spokesperson is not speaking to the press today.
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No CE netBook, says Psion, but there is a netPad

The Register's scepticism about the CE netBook has been amply justified; it does not exist, it might at some point exist, but it certainly does not exist, either now or this year. What does exist is an implementation of CE running on its sister machine, the netPad - but for various reasons this doesn't automatically mean a netBook version.
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Sun chip chief: real men can't afford fabs

Sun has responded to increasingly impressive Itanium benchmarks by conceding that the leviathan chip might have a niche. But its microprocessor CTO offered the counter argument that manufacturing economics will favor smaller fabless chip developers, such as, er ... Sun. This is interesting, as it's an attempt to derail the volume economics logic - more is cheaper - that has sustained Itanium through its darkest hours.
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Fed cybersecurity initiative boosts TCPA

On Wednesday a group of federal bureaucrats, business representatives and industry lobbyists will be rolling out a draft of the White House's new initiative to enlist the computing public in the task of defending cyberspace. Originally, the Feds had planned to roll out a final draft, but this has been delayed due to unresolved conflicts among the technology companies the scheme will be affecting.
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Motorola plugs mother of all roadmap leaks

Ashen-faced Motorola supremos have confirmed that the phone giant is acting to plug one of the most spectacular leaks of product information in recent times, after the publication of a long-range handset roadmap spilled most of next year's phones onto the web.
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IBM and Intel forge blade server pact

IBM and Intel today announced plans to jointly develop blade servers, promising reduced-cost systems without sacrificing system performance.

Oracle on Linux edges SQL Server in benchmark

Oracle has posted a benchmarking result which showed its database software on a Linux platform outperformed Microsoft SQL Server by 14 per cent.
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Sprint cleared of negligence in vice hacks

The Nevada Public Utilities Commission pulled the plug Thursday on a Las Vegas adult entertainment operator's claim that telephone calls meant for his stable of private dancers are being blocked by hackers with access to local phone company Sprint of Nevada's systems, closing an eight-year-old legal battle that pitted the …
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EU data protection chiefs oppose data retention moves

Europe's Data Protection Commissioners have voiced concern about EU proposals to mandate phone companies and ISPs to retain customer data, questioning the "legitimacy" and cost of the proposals.
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Big Macs, Pentiums invade Sims

Electronic Arts has struck product placement deals with McDonalds and Intel for its Sims Online game. Chipzilla and Burgerzilla will feature prominently in the game, reports MSNBC.
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Pioneer DVD-R/RW drives tend to burn

An overheating problem among drives used with new high-speed discs can destroy both the unit and the medium, manufacturer Pioneer is trying hard to avoid saying. Using soon to be available 4X discs for DVD-R and 2X discs for DVD-RW with the following drives is thought to be risky: DVR-7000 DVD recorder; PRV-9000 Professional DVD recorder; DVR-A03 computer drive; DVR-103 computer drive; DVR-A04 computer drive; DVR-104 computer drive.
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Amazon.com star Henry Raddick on US public radio

Amazon.com star reviewer Henry Raddick has taken to the airwaves. Raddick can be heard reading from a selection of his celebrated reviews on WPR's To The Best of Our Knowledge in a program devoted to arts criticism.