17th September 2002 Archive

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  • Red Hat nullifies KDE, Gnome

    Seizing brand equity

    Software 17 07:16

  • EarthLink buffers WorldCom exposure with StarNet deal

    Modem banks

    Data Networking 17 07:22

  • C&W flogs US retail voice biz

    It's an ISP thing

    Data Networking 17 07:22

  • Red Hat, IBM push Advanced Server on eServers

    Enterprise gig

    Servers 17 07:22

  • Go Daddy offers anonymous domain registration

    No spam, No slam

    Media 17 07:23

  • Borland offers WebGain community conversion

    Wolves are circling

    e-Business 17 07:23

  • Originator of Excel, Word leaves MS for startup

    Simonyi finally Chucks it...

    Software 17 12:20

  • Intel directs channel funds to small biz market

    Reaches out to little resellers

    Channel 17 12:39

  • No CE netBook, says Psion, but there is a netPad

    Rumours of death of EPOC somewhat premature...

    Software 17 13:04

  • Sun chip chief: real men can't afford fabs

    The Itanic Verses

    Channel 17 16:55

  • Fed cybersecurity initiative boosts TCPA

    The White House likes Palladium

    Software 17 17:18

  • Motorola plugs mother of all roadmap leaks

    2003 phones in gory glory

    Personal 17 18:26

  • IBM and Intel forge blade server pact

    Best buddies on Xeon and Itanium 2 development

    Data Centre 17 18:27

  • Oracle on Linux edges SQL Server in benchmark

    Benchmarketing: Next year's server beats last years

    Data Centre 17 18:31

  • Sprint cleared of negligence in vice hacks

    Security no worse than any other telco

    Security 17 18:33

  • EU data protection chiefs oppose data retention moves

    Expensive, unworkable, invasive

    Media 17 18:37

  • Big Macs, Pentiums invade Sims

    Product Placement

    Business 17 19:17

  • Pioneer DVD-R/RW drives tend to burn

    Not in the way you'd prefer

    Personal 17 19:40

  • Amazon.com star Henry Raddick on US public radio

    Pug faced

    Bootnotes 17 20:27