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Psion to launch WinCE-based netBook?

Fresh from executing a long-overdue netBook retread, Psion is poised for full-scale betrayal* by switching the machine over to Windows CE - or so, at least, claims a report in the Australian Financial Review. The piece, which cites "a source briefed by the company," definitely says "switch" rather than 'introduce a new model based on,' and that a new model capable of running CE will be out in the fourth quarter.
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RMS: why open source needs Free Software's ideals

The following is an open letter from Free Software Foundation President Richard Stallman to SecurityFocus' Jon Lasser, in response to his article Lobbying for Insecurity:
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First smileys date back to time of Plato, apparently

Last week's piece on the rediscovery of the first smiley produced a predictably bumper response from our busy and serious-minded readership. For starters, Biran Culvey would like us to "correct an obvious error. Discussion of Star Trek was only a short diversion from the more serious and lengthy discussion of short, cute aliens holding power tools. Will you correct this or must we get ET and his chainsaw involved?"