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Top scientist and Itanic critic ‘leaves’ NEC

Who will now dare criticize Intel's Itanium processor? Even some of the most distinguished engineers in the industry might now have second thoughts before speaking freely on the subject.
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Sep 2002

PDA sales carry on slumping in Q2

ComputerWire, 13 Sep 2002

Intel plans two path development for mobile chips

ComputerWire, 13 Sep 2002

BEA and Borland partnership: separate and equal?

ComputerWire, 13 Sep 2002

Microsoft wins Legend Tablet PC deal

ComputerWire, 13 Sep 2002

Patent fees weigh down 3G uptake

ComputerWire, 13 Sep 2002

Register.com v. Domain Registry of Canada

ComputerWire, 13 Sep 2002

First ever smiley found, preserved for posterity

The original smiley, or emoticon, invented in 1982 by Scott Fahlman but subsequently lost, has been retrieved through the efforts of Microsoft researcher Mike Jones and facilities staff at Carnegie Mellon University. And isn't it a blessing to find Microsoft Research staff keeping themselves profitably occupied like this, when they could be posing a threat to world freedom instead?
John Lettice, 13 Sep 2002

AMD delays Clawhammer, Barton

AMD yesterday published revised its processor roadmaps, showing later than expected launches for 64-bit Clawhammers and 32-bit Bartons.
Drew Cullen, 13 Sep 2002

Porno firm wants Napster

Nasdaq-listed pornography firm Private Media Group has made a bid for Napster, extending the drawn-out demise of the music file-swapping service.
ElectricNews.net, 13 Sep 2002

Orange moves out of the red (kinda)

Orange has hit profitability for the first time since its flotation in 1991. Kinda. The headline figure it wants you to remember is the EBS (Earnings Before Bad Stuff). After Bad Stuff, in this case a hefty investment writedown, and the mobile telco is still swimming in the Red Ink Sea.
John Leyden, 13 Sep 2002

Ouch! Fujitsu to replace 300,000 faulty HDDs

Fujitsu may have to replace up to 300,000 faulty hard disk drives, made between September 2000 and 2001. They can be found in NEC and IBM PCs, as well as Fujitsu Siemens home-grown PCs, according to Japanese newspaper Nihon Keizai, which estimates that replacement programme will cost Fujitsu 10 billion yen (approx $US 83m).
Drew Cullen, 13 Sep 2002

Crash! Dud Fujitsu HDDs all over UK

Our story today on Fujitsu's HDD-recall has prompted an immediate response from punters and system builders. In the UK, the bad Fujis have been spotted in Compaq, RM, Viglen and Hugh Symons PCs. We are publishing some of the letters sent to us within the first hour of publication of the original article. It looks like Fujitsu has a big mess to clear up.
Drew Cullen, 13 Sep 2002

Rambus euro patent ruling is Curate's Egg

Rambus yesterday announced a mixed bag of results from the European Patent Office (EPO), related to Rambus' patent 0 525 068.
Drew Cullen, 13 Sep 2002

Jeeves Systems buys UK IBM Var

Jeeves Systems, a Belgian-owned IBM VAR, has added the UK to its coverage, through the acquisition of Cotec Computing Systems. Terms are undisclosed. Cotec brings £15m worth of annual turnover to the table, taking Jeeves' group sales to £50m. Jeeves operates throughout Benelux and in France. ®
Drew Cullen, 13 Sep 2002

Word 97 feature spawns no-brainer pilfering exploit

Microsoft is investigating a security vulnerability with Word 97 which allows attackers to filch documents from victim's PCs using a craft social engineering attack.
John Leyden, 13 Sep 2002

Unusual phone from mysterious Chinese company

Review The Amoisonic A8 is an unusual phone from a mysterious Chinese company. No price has been set for the European launch, but going on far eastern prices (they claim it is the best selling phone in China) around £300 without a contract is a good guess.
Simon Rockman, 13 Sep 2002
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BOFH: PFY's Sulk

Episode 19
Simon Travaglia, 13 Sep 2002

Apple audio backchat, outsourcing, dead certs

Andrew Orlowski, 13 Sep 2002

Imagining a mobile phone P2P network

Can mobile phones acts as nodes in vast peer-to-peer networks?
John Leyden, 13 Sep 2002

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