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PGP creator joins UK privacy watchdog

Cyber rights luminary Phil Zimmermann has joined the advisory council of influential UK privacy watchdogs the Foundation for Information Policy Research (FIPR).
John Leyden, 12 Sep 2002

Open Source .NET supports Office challenge

ComputerWire, 12 Sep 2002

Intel rubbishes AMD's hybrid plans

ComputerWire, 12 Sep 2002

Liberty president's challenge: to remain ‘relevant’

ComputerWire, 12 Sep 2002

CMGI cuts ties with past, sells NaviSite

ComputerWire, 12 Sep 2002

Bon and MobilCom's future hanging by same thread

ComputerWire, 12 Sep 2002

Oracle and Microsoft square up for Fall CRM showdown

ComputerWire, 12 Sep 2002

BT to trial 2Mbit/s SDSL, rollout next year

BT is to begin trials of a high-speed SDSL (Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line) service next month, ahead of a planned full roll-out from the middle of next year.
Tim Richardson, 12 Sep 2002

BT boss talks up broadband

The CEO of BT is not one for nostalgia. Any talk of BT's dismal track record on broadband before he joined the company earlier this year is likely to get a prickly response from Ben Verwaayen.
Tim Richardson, 12 Sep 2002

Greek court throws out gaming ban case

A Greek court has ruled that the country's new ban on electronic games is unconstitutional and throwing out a case brought against two net café owners who were charged with allowing their customers to play Counter-Strike and online chess.
gamesindustry.biz, 12 Sep 2002

MS intros ultra-liberal ‘write your own licence’ scheme

When it comes to Microsoft's new-look licensing agreements it's not all downhill, apparently. The texts you have to agree to in order to install Microsoft stuff have been getting tougher, but hey, if you don't like it you can just write your own and sign that instead.
John Lettice, 12 Sep 2002
DVD it in many colours

Anti-email snooping proposals ‘stupid’

Bob Jones - the boss of email filtering and blocking outfit Equiinet - describes proposed legislation to outlaw bosses snooping on employees' email as "stupid and ill-considered".
Tim Richardson, 12 Sep 2002

Dabs.com and Time bow to OFT pressure

Dabs.com and Time Computers have agreed to stop using misleading ads for interest-free credit.
Tim Richardson, 12 Sep 2002

P2P swamps broadband networks

Peer-to-peer file sharing applications are taxing the finances of broadband operators, who are struggling to manage the off-network traffic.
John Leyden, 12 Sep 2002

Levi's trousers protect your testicles

Levi Strauss is to introduce a new range of slacks with mobile phone anti-radiation pockets.
Tim Richardson, 12 Sep 2002

BA signs up Dell for one-stop IT products shop

Dell has won a three-year product supply deal from BA. We assume it's big - the contract is expected to save BA "significant amounts financially", as the airline moves to Dell as a standard platform. But Dell won't tell us how much the deal is worth.
Drew Cullen, 12 Sep 2002

Meet the one shop stop security appliance

Security appliance vendor ServGate aims to drive down the price of Gigabit speed firewalls by using network processors rather than ASIC-based or software firewalls in its line of firewall gateways.
John Leyden, 12 Sep 2002

Outlook Express becomes attack platform, of sorts

There's a pleasing symmetry about the latest security issue involving Outlook Express.
John Leyden, 12 Sep 2002

Google China crisis over

It seems the great Google blocking episode in China could be at an end.
Tim Richardson, 12 Sep 2002

NVidia, MS Xbox squabble drags on

Nvidia tells us it has several business relationships with Microsoft which are warm and productive, but the one involving Xbox graphics chipsets is beginning to resemble a divorced couple squabbling over visitation rights.
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Sep 2002

Segway on track: ignore Amazon goof

Segway tells us that Amazon.com customers interesting in buying one of its Human Transporters should disregard an email from the e-commerce giant today saying that the transporter won't be available any time soon.
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Sep 2002

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