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OASIS plans distributed systems management protocol

Internet standards body OASIS has established a technical committee to develop a web services specification for cross-platform distributed systems management.
ComputerWire, 11 Sep 2002

WorldCom CEO to step down by year-end

ComputerWire, 11 Sep 2002

Intel selects Verisign for mobile security

ComputerWire, 11 Sep 2002

Liberty considers Java-style testing program

ComputerWire, 11 Sep 2002

AltaVista and Google to fight Chinese censorship

ComputerWire, 11 Sep 2002

Vodafone Ireland accepts 3G licence

Vodafone Ireland paid EUR44.5 million to the Irish government on Monday as it accepted one of Ireland's 3G 'B' licences after a one-month delay. "We think it was the right thing to do for our employees, our shareholders and above all our customers," commented Paul Donovan, chief executive officer, Vodafone Ireland after the company confirmed that it had accepted one of Ireland's four 3G licences. The business will now begin rolling out its 3G network, with portions set to go into operation by early 2004.
ElectricNews.net, 11 Sep 2002

US Dept of Commerce talks DRM with consumer groups

The U.S. Department of Commerce's Technology Administration is making good its promise to host a consumer-focused meeting on digital rights management.
Grant Gross, 11 Sep 2002

Captain Cyborg is a Media Tart. True

Professor Kevin Warwick is a media tart, and the kiddie chip that won worldwide publicity last week probably does not exist. These nuggets have been unearthed by Stephen Naysmith, Science Correspondent of the Scottish Sunday Herald, whose report we warmly recommend to Warwick watchers everywhere.
John Lettice, 11 Sep 2002

Where art thou Stuckists? Intel reveals share denial PC scheme

It was a schizophrenic Intel that faced the world at its Developer Conference in San Jose yesterday. In the morning keynote it touted its new multimedia "adaptor" platform, with glossy lifestyle videos explaining how our "digital media experience" would become "more convenient".
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Sep 2002

Freeserve fingered by BTo snitches

Hostilities between two of Britain's biggest ISPs surfaced again today after the advertising watchdog backed a complaint lodged by BTopenworld against Freeserve.
Tim Richardson, 11 Sep 2002

Broken Sept 11 worm poses little risk

Virus writers have exploited interest in the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks with their latest attempts to create a damaging email worm.
John Leyden, 11 Sep 2002
Cat 5 cable

Boffins crack ancient board game with 36 server cluster

Boffins have harnessed advanced computer techniques to devise how to play a perfect game of Awari, an ancient board game originating in Africa that is more than 3,500 years old, for the first time.
John Leyden, 11 Sep 2002

Nigerian 419: White farmers up the ante

It's all go on the 419 fraud front this week as the latest email circular breaks all previous records of riches beyond the wildest dreams of avarice. Not to outdone by the Nigerians, the white Zimbabwean farmers have rustled up an impressive $46 million dollars for immediate transfer to an honest and trustworthy partner abroad.
Lester Haines, 11 Sep 2002

BOFH and The Salesbloke

Episode 16
Simon Travaglia, 11 Sep 2002

Brussels smiles on 3G network sharing

Rival 3G operators 02 and T-Mobile are close to receiving approval from the European Commission to share network capacity in the UK.
John Leyden, 11 Sep 2002

Colt to shed 1,000 jobs?

Colt Telecom could be about to shed 1,000 jobs amid the continuing difficult business environment facing the industry.
Tim Richardson, 11 Sep 2002

Intel's PANs, WLANs and soft radio

We used to come to Intel Developer Forums to sniff out speeds and feeds. These days, the most interesting stuff is tangential to Intel's traditional PC business, which has now become so competitive that Intel can't afford to leave an announcement on ice for a major keynote. If the two coincide, all well and good.
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Sep 2002

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