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Macromedia joins J2EE big league

Macromedia Inc joins the Java big league today, with the expected launch of its runtime environment and scripting language for IBM's WebSphere and Sun ONE Application Server. San Francisco, California-based Macromedia will launch ColdFusion MX, optimized to IBM and Sun Microsystems Inc's Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) …
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D-Day arrives for Klez.E

Klez.E, one of the variations of the nasty Klez family of computer worms, is set to detonate on Friday, but security experts are mixed on damage predictions.
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Vodafone pushes ahead with Japanese 3G launch

With European operators including giant Vodafone Group Plc continuing to hesitantly push back the commercial launch date for third-generation networks in Europe, it comes as some surprise that Vodafone seems to be committing to a launch date this year for 3G services in Japan. Through its local subsidiary J-Phone Co, the …
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IBM WebSphere gets integration facelift

IBM Corp has announced several new integration features for its WebSphere Portal, the technological core of IBM's new 'Dynamic Workplaces' initiative. These enhancements include: new portal templates for several vertical sectors; integration of IBM's Content Manager product into WebSphere Portal; and a framework for …
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4-year PC upgrade cycle – ‘well entrenched’

Corporate IT spending will increase this year, a survey by SG Cowen has predicted, but PC vendors banking on pent-up demand and a long-delayed upgrade cycle to push growth rates back to 1990s levels will be disappointed. The survey of corporate spending plans suggested that IT spending growth will pickup this year, "only …
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Check Point upgrades SmartCenter

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd will tomorrow unveil an upgrade to its firewall/VPN management software designed to greatly simplify policy administration in large deployments. The aptly named Large Scale Manager is an extension to Check Point's SmartCenter Pro security gateway console that allows up to 1,000 …
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Google gains mindshare with InfoSpace deal

Google Inc is now powering the web search of more top web sites than any of its rivals. The company inked a deal last week with InfoSpace Inc that will see its web search integrated into InfoSpace's family of web portals.

IBM dominates network consultancy market

IBM Global Services has reasserted itself as the number one player in the services industry this week, courtesy of some good old fashioned bean counting at IDC. The analyst has completed its assessment of the Network Consulting and Integration Services vendors and IBM's ever growing, shrinking teams of consultants has taken the top notch.
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GPRS access for Windows laptops

Review The Sierra Wireless Aircard 750 is a PC Card which gives a Windows laptop computer GPRS access. It is not alone. There are a number of competing cards—a flip through the advertisements in What Mobile will reveal four cards.
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WinXP SP1 out now, and new corp version leaked?

Service Pack 1 for Windows XP will be officially released to the general public today, but you can already get hold of it from Microsoft on a decent speed connection. ActiveWin.com, which has been doing quite well on SP1 leaks recently, spotted this one, and as this is presumably where you'll get it when the wraps actually do come off later today, it's not likely to disappear.
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PC sales to disappoint (even more) in 2002

IDC has cut its growth projections for PC sales in 2002 from 4.7 percent down to 1.1 percent, reflecting a continuing slump in hardware spending.
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UK bottom of yet another broadband league table

Take-up of broadband in the UK lags pitifully behind other countries in Europe, according to the latest stats from Nielsen/NetRatings.
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MS seeks ‘game hacker’ to beef up Xbox security

Microsoft is clearly serious about stopping people messing around with Xbox, whether via mod chips, bios replacements or unauthorised insertions of alternative operating systems. The company is currently running a help-wanted ad for some kind of crypto gumshoe for the Xbox design team.
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Todmorden triggers ADSL checker first

Todmorden in West Yorkshire has become the first area in the UK to reach its trigger level to be converted to broadband.
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Amazon.com sues Expedia for late payments

Amazon.com is sueing online travel outfit Expedia for allegedly failing to cough up $3.66m as part of a contractual agreement between the two companies.
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Orange pre-pay top ups through hole-in-the-wall

Abbey National customers throughout the UK will be able to top up their Orange mobile phones using the bank's cashpoints from today.
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HP makes teeny molecular memory chip

HP's boffins have built a tiny 64-bit memory chip using molecular devices as active switches.
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Cisco expels Dell from reseller fold

Dell's increased interest in the networking market has prompted Cisco Systems to strike it from its list of accredited resellers.
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HP fires ‘Microsoft-baiting’ Perens

HP has fired Bruce Perens - the leading Open Source evangelist and former Debian project lead - for Microsoft-baiting, he says.
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UK call centres knackered by BT fault

Part of BT's phone service was knocked out earlier today causing disruption for some of the UK's biggest companies.
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Judge rules PayPal unfair

Disgruntled customers of PayPal have won an important battle after a US judge ruled its arbitration policy rigid and unfair.
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I have seen the future, and it's yesterday

Stupidly Late Review A long time ago* (in computer years, at least) Psion launched the netBook, which was (and still is, in its own small way) a useful subnotebook variant of the Series 5, but with a decent-sized keyboard and a reasonable, backlit, colour screen. I instantly pounced on Psion demanding an eval unit, not merely because I was a journalist who wanted to review it but because I wanted to check it out as a potential customer, and all being well, I'd maybe buy (this was before the dotcom crash) five for the team. Now read on.
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Bill Gates sells MSFT, takes Prozac

Bill Gates has sold almost half a billion dollar's worth of Microsoft stock this year, and begun to invest heavily in big pharma. In the second half of this year he bought 2.5 million shares in Eli Lilly, manufacturer of Prozac, and also made major investments in Merck and Pfizer, notes Information Week.
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SGI raises the Itanic

Earlier this summer, SGI launched a tour to reassure customers that its heart and soul remained with MIPS and Irix. Today it touted impressive memory benchmarks for its Itanium2 hardware, due to be launched next year, and it's running Linux.
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Spam killing Haikus come to Europe

Habeas, a start-up which embeds haikus in email headers to certify messages are from opt-in lists and not spam, has clinched its first deal in Europe.
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IBM Killed the Video Store

IBM is supplying the technology for an upcoming online movie rental service backed by five major Hollywood studios.