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Hynix claims early high-end graphics memory lead

Amid continued speculation about its future, South Korea's Hynix Semiconductor Inc last week managed to push some good news out of the door, and announced what it claims to be a three-month lead on its competitors in the development of fast, high-capacity memory parts for graphic applications. According to the Korea Times …
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Legend builds China's first supercomputer

A collection of Chinese political and computing luminaries assembled in Beijing last week to applaud the launch of the country's first "self-developed" supercomputer. The Legend Deepcomp 1800 large scale computer system has been built by Hong Kong-based Legend Holdings, and is the first computer in the country to hit 1,000 …
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Sun lines up OEMs for reborn Solaris on Intel

Sun Microsystems Inc is looking to expand its Intel Corp-compatible processor-based server line and is also drawing up a list of OEM partners for its Solaris x86 Unix operating system for Intel-compatible servers, indicating a new level of commitment to the reborn operating system, Matthew Aslett writes. The Santa Clara, …
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Sun seeks many Davids for MS Office fight

Sun Microsystems Inc is hatching a set of XML data standards for use in desktop productivity applications, in attempt to unseat Microsoft Corp's domination of office applications, Gavin Clarke writes. Palo Alto, California-based Sun said Friday it is working on a set of potential standards with a series of un-named …
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Web Services era ‘drawing to close’

Today's era of XML web services is coming to an end. That's according to top thinkers at Microsoft Corp and IBM Corp, companies synonymous with a brace of specifications working their way through standards bodies and organizations. Don Box, Microsoft architect and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) co-author, last week …
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Spurned bidders slam ICANN .org redelegation

Ten organizations that were overlooked in an evaluation to decide the next manager of the $15m-a-year .org internet domain on Friday criticized the selection process, calling it inconsistent, opaque and unfair, Kevin Murphy writes. One bidder even hinted at a legal challenge the process, which was orchestrated by the …
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Walmart.com flogs $199 Linux OS PCs

Wal-Mart is famous/notorious for its relentless focus on price.
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SEC sends letter to Nvidia

Nvidia has received a letter from the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) seeking more details about its accounting practices.
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Apple's x86 OS named, sized

It's long been assumed that Apple has maintained an x86-compatible version of its old NeXT OS, which these days is marketed as Mac OS X. But now a report at eWeek confirms its existence, status and staffing levels.
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Vodafone preps £8bn bid for SFR

Vodafone is getting ready to make a bid for Vivendi-controlled French mobile phone company, SFR.
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Spammers help Klez top the virus charts

Variants of the Klez worm were by far the most common viruses circulating on the Internet last month.
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Bertelsmann to ‘pull Napster plug’

German media giant Bertelsmann could be ending its love affair with the Internet following reports that it is looking to sell its online book business and cease the funding of Napster.
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Cap Cyborg to chip 11 year old in wake of UK child killings

Captain Cyborg, aka Professor Kevin Warwick of Reading University, is generally a harmless if somewhat tedious self-publicist whose risible 'experiments' pay his rent and provide the less critical elements of the press with a never-ending stream of stupid stories. But an exclusive in today's Daily Mirror serves to illustrate that such maniacs are not always harmless.
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Gateway 2002 sales at low-end of forecasts

Gateway's sales for 2002 will probably be at the low end of previously published company forecasts of $4.5bn-$5bn, CFO Joe Burke told Bloomberg last week.
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WinXP SP1 out next Monday – but can you avoid it?

Windows XP Service Pack 1 is complete, and will be available for download and via CD (cost as yet unspecified) from next Monday (9th September). According to the release, it "provides enhanced user experience" and "brings enhanced security, reliability and compatibility to business and home users." It also fixes some bugs, and includes the " required changes of the proposed consent decree signed with the U.S. Department of Justice and nine state attorneys general."

CAA mulls ban on laptops which don't exist

Laptop PCs may be banned from planes amid concern that the latest wireless technologies interfere with aircraft safety systems.
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Softline resells Rapid Group to original owner

Softline AG has sold Rapid Group, the UK reseller group, to original owner John McCartney.
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China blocks Google. Allegedly

Chinese authorities are feared to have blocked access to popular search engine, Google, ahead of the Communist Party congress in November.
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Telewest offers broadband in Devon, Cornwall

Telewest has started offering cable broadband services to punters in Devon and Cornwall.
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VIA sales down in August (or is that up?)

Compared with, say, UK firms, VIA Technologies is unusually open about sales figures, publishing results each month.
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Job axe swings over 96 heads at Insight UK

The job axe hangs over 96 UK workers in US-owned mail order giant Insight following second quarter losses in Britain of £2.5 million.