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HP beats IBM on TPC-C (trails Fujitsu-Siemens)

Back at the end of May when Hewlett Packard Co announced the 875MHz PA-8700+ processors for its Superdome line of 64-way enterprise Unix servers, the company hinted that it had high hopes of handily beating IBM Corp's performance results with the "Regatta-H" pSeries 690 32-way servers. These boxes were able to crank …
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SCO slides in Q3

SCO Group Inc, or Caldera International Inc as it was known until Monday, has released its financial statement for the third quarter ended July 31 2002, and reported revenue down 18% on the same period last year. The Lindon, Utah-based Unix and Linux operating system vendor reported a net loss of $4.5m on revenue of $15.4m …

Developer army not on its way for BEA

BEA Systems Inc's dream of a vibrant online Java and web services community comprising one million developers by December faces a setback amid uncertainty over the company's credibility as an infrastructure provider, Gavin Clarke writes. San Jose, California-based BEA is failing to attract the "landslide" of developers it …
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Marconi shareholders to get only 0.5% of equity

Shareholders in Marconi Plc, which once had a stock market valuation of 35bn pounds ($53.5bn), will end up with only 0.5% of the equity under a humiliating debt-for-equity swap currently being finalized. To rub salt into the wounds of investors in the telecoms equipment company, they will be given the option of digging …
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Two-way blocking for McAfee.com desktop firewall

McAfee.com Corp yesterday said the latest release of its Personal Firewall applications feature options for blocking outbound traffic for the first time, addressing concerns du jour about spyware and hybrid viruses. The software, aimed largely at broadband users not on firewall-protected company networks, allows users to …
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Why Xbox Linux founder left the project

The founder of the high-profile Xbox Linux Project has left the group over concerns about the direction of the project and disagreements with the anonymous donor who's contributed $200,000 to port Linux to the Microsoft gaming device.

Kiwis test world's largest WLAN

A prototype wireless network, based on the 802.11b standard, in downtown Auckland is giving Kiwis a taste of high-speed mobile broadband without waiting for 3G.
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Tiscali slips back into the red

Tiscali has slipped back into the red just three months after crowing that it had reached break-even point.
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Dell aims for small biz sweetspot with server refresh

Dell UK has launched a small business server designed to give smaller businesses an economical alternative to desktop PCs for applications like file and print sharing.
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ATI outs mobility RADEON 9000

ATI today launched the mobile version of its top-of-the-range RADEON 9000 graphics accelerator. This incorporates better power management, improved streaming capabilities for all those DVDs you need to see on the hoof, and something called the world's "first mobile quad-pipe 3D architecture". And it's the first graphics chip with Direct X 8 support.
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1901 Census available online for testing

It's been a long wait, but the 1901 Census of England Wales is finally online - well, kinda.
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Oftel rejects Freeserve broadband complaints

Oftel has thrown out a string of complaints from Freeserve over allegations that BT's broadband strategy is anti-competitive.
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Keep fingers crossed for BT rural ADSL trial

BT Wholesale is to embark next month on a series of trials to test if it can bring ADSL to areas where demand is believed to be too low to justify the high cost of converting an exchange to broadband.
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MS in fresh digital cert flaw

A flaw in the Windows handles digital certificates enables sophisticated crackers to get up to all sorts of mischief on unprotected boxes.
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Morse FY sales, profits down

Morse, Europe's biggest Sun and HP reseller, saw sales and profits slump for the full year to June 30. And this year is slightly weaker than last.
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The BSD tattoo under Jaguar's fur…

Letters A reader takes issue with our recent description of Darwin's ancestry:-