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MS to intro product key check in WinXP SP1 WPA

Microsoft has released details of the changes being made in Windows Product Activation (WPA) with WinXP Service Pack 1. As expected, SP1 will fail to install if either of "two well-known pirated product keys" has previously been used to activate the system, and such systems will also be denied access to Windows Update. But the changes will have a far wider impact than this, as Microsoft appears to be trying to cover all currently known holes in WPA security.
John Lettice, 26 Aug 2002

Forty bucks buys total safety from hackers

We're grateful to Reg reader Stephen Dowse, who pointed us to an important security announcement. A company called PathLock has finally put the kibosh on malicious hackers. Assuming that the only problem you'll ever face is a broad-band connection which lets the knowing and malicious play with your machine while you're catching REMs, they've got a solution for you.
Thomas C Greene, 26 Aug 2002

When Feds attack

Mark Rasch, 26 Aug 2002

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