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Funk secure WLAN access software goes on sale in UK

ComputerWire, 23 Aug 2002

Contempt Filing Likely After C&W Patent Injunction

ComputerWire, 23 Aug 2002

Intel spins off high speed content processing unit

ComputerWire, 23 Aug 2002

MS aims to boost .NET with Visual Studio.NET ‘Everett’

ComputerWire, 23 Aug 2002

Minnow ISP aims counterstrike at RIAA ‘legal hackers’

ComputerWire, 23 Aug 2002

BT loses hypertext claim

BT has lost its legal challenge to charge US ISPs a fee for using hyperlinks.
Tim Richardson, 23 Aug 2002

Those MS API disclosures – errors, incomplete, useless?

Earlier this week Microsoft posted details of a large number of APIs (272, we are told - we have not counted) in the MSDN library. This publication is intended to to comply with the terms of the MS-DoJ proposed settlement to the antitrust suit, and is part of a process whereby Microsoft 'levels the playing filed' for rival software publishers and developers by disclosing APIs and protocols, and offering them for license.
John Lettice, 23 Aug 2002

Third of spam is porn

Spam - the scourge of email - is in the news at the mo.
Tim Richardson, 23 Aug 2002

Bulk fax outfit sued for $2.2 trillion in junk fax claim

A California businessman has launched a class action lawsuit against fax outfit Fax.com claiming truly gobs smacking damages of $2.2 trillion.
John Leyden, 23 Aug 2002

An open letter to the CIO

Richard Forno, 23 Aug 2002

Nominet UK in climb-down over WHOIS data

Nominet UK - the national registry for .uk domain names - has been forced into a U-turn over plans to publish personal details of UK domain name holders on its WHOIS database.
Tim Richardson, 23 Aug 2002

Microsoft in summer patch frenzy

Microsoft yesterday issued a cumulative patch for Internet Explorer - the fixes to no less than six newly discovered vulnerabilities.
John Leyden, 23 Aug 2002

Vote against a paid-for Pigopolist pol!

Bought and paid-for representatives of the entertainment oligopolies in Washington could find themselves facing challenges back home.
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Aug 2002

Israeli firm unveils the ‘copy-proof’ CD

An Israeli security firm has developed a smart-card based copy protection technology that it claims can prevent software piracy.
John Leyden, 23 Aug 2002

SEC to nose round AOL TW – report

AOL Time Warner could face further investigation by the Securities Exchange Commission, according to a report today in the FT.
Tim Richardson, 23 Aug 2002

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