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Ad watchdog critical of Domain Registry of Europe

The Advertising watchdog has slammed Domain Registry of Europe (DRoE) for misleading consumers over its mailshots that "look like bills".
Tim Richardson, 16 Aug 2002

Check Point secures IPv6 and P2P

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd is gearing up for a new release of its Check Point VPN-1/Firewall-1 security software, and is claiming a number of industry firsts will be delivered in the new version.
ComputerWire, 16 Aug 2002

LSB certifications confuse Sun's Linux standards story

ComputerWire, 16 Aug 2002

Genuity pulls plug on European Web Hosting arm

ComputerWire, 16 Aug 2002

Agere to exit optoelectronics, fires 4000

ComputerWire, 16 Aug 2002

Dell reports higher profits

Dell has posted a fiscal second quarter profit of £501 million, beating analysts' expectations, as its worldwide shipments rose 18 per cent.
ElectricNews.net, 16 Aug 2002

Record A-Levels. Thank you, PC World !

So you thought yesterday's record A-Level results were down to easier exams or brighter youngsters or better teaching? Go to the bottom of the class.
John Leyden, 16 Aug 2002

MPs shun email

The UK's politicians are reluctant to use email to communicate with their constituents, according to a survey by IT outfit Parity Group.
Tim Richardson, 16 Aug 2002

MP3s are good for music biz – Forrester

Forrester Research has surveyed a thousand music customers and concludes that MP3 downloads are good for the music business.
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Aug 2002

MS soft-pedals SSL hole

A Microsoft security PR bulletin dealing with the recent SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate hole reported by Mike Benham goes out of its way to assure Windows users that there's little to be concerned about. The recent negative talk about it hasn't been properly 'balanced' (i.e., approved by the Marketing Department), apparently.
Thomas C Greene, 16 Aug 2002

Rock bible returns

Stuff We LikeFor music fans under fifty, this site will keep arguments raging well past last orders have been called.
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Aug 2002

Russians accuse FBI agent of hacking

An FBI agent was charged yesterday with computer hacking by the Russian counterintelligence service.
John Leyden, 16 Aug 2002

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