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Windows Apache security bug revealed

Default installations of Apache on Windows are susceptible to a bug discovered by Italian researcher Luigi Auriemma, Apache.org reports.

Dell mocks MS' mandatory-OS regime

Dell has devised a cute trick to accommodate its big corporate customers without crossing its Lord and Master, Microsoft, which has decreed that all OEM computers shall be shipped with operating systems, according to a recent Cnet article.
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If you need to make a few connections then where better to start than with some of the latest networking titles from Register associate IT-minds.com. Take a look at some of our key titles from Cisco Press - available to you as always at a 30 per cent discount - or check out Uyless Black's MPLS & Label Switching Networks title:
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AOL reveals accounting for barter deals

America Online's problems continued to mount yesterday as it revealed in an SEC filing that it may have improperly recognized $49m in revenue, and that further questionable transactions may yet be uncovered. The admission came as parent company AOL Time Warner Inc said its CEO Richard Parsons and CFO Wayne Pace had …
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Dell and Red Hat plan Linux migration services

Dell Computer Corp has signed a new agreement with Linux distributor Red Hat Inc through which the two companies will jointly deliver professional services designed help enterprise Unix users migrate to the Linux operating system. The agreement extends existing partnership agreements between Austin, Texas-based Dell and …
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IBM name calling at LinuxWorld

IBM is playing a game of "who backed Linux first", by branding a slew of big-name rivals "Johnny come latelys" to the open source operating system. The normally reserved computing and services giant yesterday used the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in San Francisco, California, to underline its own Linux credentials, …
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The Future of 24/7 Computing is…

Yesterday, visitors to Microsoft's ASP.Net site were greeted with the following message:
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IBM confirms 15K job losses

IBM is cutting more than 15,600 jobs worldwide in its computer services and microelectronics divisions, due to lower demand for its products and services.
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Vodafone fails to make Irish 3G payment

Vodafone has failed to make the deadline for a €44m downpayment to the Irish government for its 3G licence, The Irish Times reports.
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Bill Thompson answers critics

Writing in The Guardian newspaper today, Bill Thompson describes the reaction to his provocative essay Damn the Constitution: Europe must take back the Web that became the most talked-about tech piece last weekend.
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Startup fends off Sun in domain dispute

Sun Microsystems has failed in its bid to wrest control of the domain esun.biz from small UK start-up Esun Limited using the STOP proceedings.
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FoTW: "You will be executed in secret. LOL"

Letters Not all the responses to Bill Thompson's essay were as thoughtful as the ones we published here, in The Meatspace Mailbag/
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Vendors seek grey market whistleblowers

The Anti-Gray Market Alliance, an association of mostly IT hardware vendors, has introduced a web drop for snitches, where "consumers and business customers can now quickly report incidences of suspected fraudulent sales, illegal brokering or counterfeit goods".
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Sony confirms PS2 online plans

Sony is set to launch its online gaming offering for the PlayStation 2 in the USA on August 27, with the release of the official PS2 network adapter and some of the first titles to support online play - giving it a headstart of over two months on Microsoft's competing Xbox Live service.
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Thieves raid Taxan UK warehouse

A gang of thieves stole more than £175,000-worth of kit from Taxan UK last night.
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IBM takes eLiza to low-end servers

IBM today launched a range of Intel-based servers designed to relieve reliability and manageability headaches for small businesses.