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Idiobots: an apology

It's the policy of The Register to correct errors as soon as possible.
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Sun makes licensing peace offering to OpenOffice.org

Sun yesterday unveiled licensing relaxations designed to placate critics and boost contributions to OpenOffice.org, the open source office suite project. Sun, no stranger to abuse from the open source community over its licensing terms and conditions, has come under fire because contributors to OpenOffice.org had to sign an agreement giving Sun rights to their work.

Compaq.com surfers in random redirection mystery

Compaq and HP staff visiting the Compaq.com Web site this morning were thrown a wild card.
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Incumbents own Europe's DSL market

Despite a 20% sequential rise in digital subscriber line (DSL) installation in the last quarter, Europe's new carriers have warned again that incumbent operators are on course to take a stranglehold on the emerging market. Publishing its latest "DSL Scorecard", the European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA …
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WiFi hotspots pose threat to US 3G – US Bancorp

The success in the US of public wireless local area network (PWLAN) "hotspot" services is causing a rethink among wireless network operators, which are beginning to see hotspot growth as another reason to delay the roll-out of 3G services. According to "The Wireless LAN Report, 802.11 - Disruptive Technology", a new report …
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Orange joins UK MMS fray

Orange SA has joined the multimedia messaging service (MMS) club, launching a Nokia Oyj-supplied picture messaging system over its UK network yesterday, and promising to roll-out service to five other European markets "in the coming months". The Paris, France-based subsidiary of France Telecom SA is now set to go head to …
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NAI ups offer for McAfee.com

Network Associates Inc blinked in its stand-off with McAfee.com yesterday, upping its offer for the company to a 20% premium over its current share price just as its previous offer was about to expire. Santa Clara, California-based NAI's offer for the 25% of McAfee it does not already own now stands at $15.43 per share, …
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Siebel barter deals carry on rising

Enterprise CRM player Siebel Systems Inc caused disquiet in the market last quarter when it disclosed a sharp increase in the revenue it gained as a result of concurrent transactions and is repeating the exercise this quarter, with its SEC filings showing a further increase in the value of these types of sales. During the …
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BT Broadband accuses P2P users of copyright abuse

BT is threatening to kick users of P2P applications off its broadband service, citing copyright abuse.
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Thus attacks ‘unsustainable pricing’

Thus, the alternative telco, has accused rivals of adopting "unsustainable pricing", contributing to an uncertain future for the telecoms industry.
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Computer virus threats on the decline?

Many security analysts agree that there has been an apparent fall in virus attacks in 2002, but they still warn potential victims to keep their guard up.
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Get your MS licences – 2% below cost!

The UK arm of Enta, the Taiwanese OEM distie, has provoked a furious response from rivals for selling Microsoft OEM licences at two per cent below cost. For cash, presumably upfront, of course.
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Tiscali apologises for forum slurs

Tiscali UK has apologised to a Merseyside man after he became the victim of ridicule among some of the ISP's forum moderators.
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Brightview acquires XO UK ISPs

Brightview - the privately funded UK-based outfit that includes IC24, Madasafish and Totalise among its stable of service providers - has bought the UK-based consumer ISP business that previously belonged to US telco XO Communications.
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Apple chip breakthrough confounds physicists

Updated : Note - Averting further ridicule, Apple changed the offending text following publication of this article. See end for details.
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DoS risk from Oracle9i debugging bug

A flaw in the debugging mechanism of Oracle9i supplies a mechanism for crackers to crash vulnerable servers.
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NTL makes ‘steady progress’

NTL - which filed for US Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in May - says that it made "steady progress" during Q2 against what it described as a "challenging backdrop".
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IBM launches Linux counterblast at Sun

IBM has launched a counter-offensive against Sun Microsystems's march into the Linux market.
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