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High-class, low-bloat office suite goes open source

"They just don't like to do the boring stuff for the stupid people!" said Bruce Sterling recently, satirising the reluctance of open source hackers to add the nice usability finishings non-hackers expect.
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Aug 2002

PGP, GPG defeated

OpenPGP and GnuPG are susceptible to a chosen-cyphertext attack which would allow an adversary capable of intercepting an encrypted message to use the intended recipient as an unwitting 'decryption oracle', researchers Kahil Jallad, Jonathan Katz and Bruce Schneier report in a recent paper.
Thomas C Greene, 13 Aug 2002

The original anti-piracy hack

George Smith, 13 Aug 2002

Win2k SP3 – how to uninstall MS apps, or not…

Microsoft yesterday began spinning the proposed MS-DoJ antitrust settlement, telling reporters it introduced new, uniform licensing terms for its top 20 OEMs on August 1st (the day Licensing 6 kicked in), and that it would be disclosing details of 272 APIs (so there's an official API counter somewhere in Redmond) and offering 113 proprietary protocols for license.
John Lettice, 13 Aug 2002

Godzilla attacks harmless blogger

The Davezilla blog site is under threat from humourless owners of the Godzilla trademark, Toho Ltd., for using the venerable *zilla name and having a goofy cartoon lizard in their graphics.
Thomas C Greene, 13 Aug 2002

TogetherSoft in, Borland out, in WebGain deal

ComputerWire, 13 Aug 2002

ISPA wins changes to EU ecommerce directive

The UK's Internet industry is claiming a partial victory after securing key amendments to new ecommerce regulations coming into force later this month.
Tim Richardson, 13 Aug 2002

e-Minister talks up wireless

Guy Kewney, 13 Aug 2002

MS recruits for Palladium microkernel and/or DRM platform

Microsoft's efforts to disassociate Palladium from DRM seem to have hit their first speed bump. Some voices within the company (and we currently believe these voices to be right and sensible) hold the view that Palladium has to be about users' security if it's to stand any chance of winning hearts and minds, and that associating it with protecting the music business' IP will be the kiss of death. So they'll probably not be best pleased by the Microsoft job ad that seeks a group program manager "interested in being part of Microsoft's effort to build the Digital Rights Management (DRM) and trusted platforms of the future (Palladium)."
John Lettice, 13 Aug 2002

Apple mulls EU recycling liabilities

Apple Computer could face 'substantial' recycling liability costs, following the introduction of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive-enacting legislation in EU member countries.
Drew Cullen, 13 Aug 2002

KDE smokes MS in SSL bug fix

A serious flaw in SSL certificate handling reported by Mike Benham, affecting IE and Konqueror, has already been fixed by KDE's Waldo Bastian, we're pleased to mention.
Thomas C Greene, 13 Aug 2002

Germany: deep linking lunacy continues

Guest EditorialMainpost, a publishing subsidiary of German group Verlagsruppe Holtzbrinck, is sueing NewsClub.de, a news headline aggregator, over deep linking. It claims that NewsClub.de infringes German copyright law by doing this. Here is NewsClub's argument.

CSA computer system '£50m over budget'

A computer system designed to speed up the operation of the Child Support Agency is months behind schedule and £50 million over budget.
John Leyden, 13 Aug 2002

Berkeley student fleeces UK in eBay scam

Police are trying to trace a Turkish man concerning an alleged fraud carried out on online auction outfit eBay.
Tim Richardson, 13 Aug 2002

Sun cool on AMD's Hammer

Last week Sun praised AMD's 64-bit extensions lavishly. AMD was the hottest date in town, and Sun had her number!
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Aug 2002

Norwegians scramble for tech savvy DeCSS judge

The trial of the teenage Norwegian programmer accused of creating the DeCSS "piracy tool" has been delayed until December 9 this year.
John Leyden, 13 Aug 2002

Xbox Live set for November 15 launch

The Xbox finally goes online on November 15 this year, exactly one year after the original launch of the console. But only in the US, where Microsoft rolls out its Xbox Live service, along with six online-enabled software titles.
gamesindustry.biz, 13 Aug 2002

Apple goes SMP for all pro-Macs

Apple has added faster memory across its professional PowerMac range, cranked the top of the range to 1.2Ghz, and made dual processors the default across the line.
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Aug 2002

My Life as a Teenage Dotcom Millionaire

Today, We received a press release concerning one time "teenage dotcom millionaire" Benjamin Cohen. We thought we'd share it with you. Reproduced in full below.
Tim Richardson, 13 Aug 2002

BT enlists sponsors for rural ADSL trial

BT Wholesale is to run a series of trials beginning this autumn which could pave the way to bring ADSL to rural Britain.
Tim Richardson, 13 Aug 2002

Hollywood's private war for social control

Richard Forno, 13 Aug 2002

Tele2 UK Ltd becomes Liberty Broadband

Fixed wireless broadband operator Tele2 UK Ltd has changed its name to Liberty Broadband Ltd.
Tim Richardson, 13 Aug 2002

Bring on the clones: Sun's Linux emerges

Sun's much feared, much vaunted Linux distro is now public, and users anticipating a revolutionary advance might be disappointed.
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Aug 2002

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