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SSL defeated in IE and Konqueror

A colossal stuff-up in Microsoft's and KDE's implementation of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate handling makes it possible for anyone with a valid VeriSign SSL site certificate to forge any other VeriSign SSL site certificate, and abuse hapless Konqueror and Internet Explorer users with impunity.
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Bell Labs simplifies single sign-on

Scientists at Bell Labs working on authentication systems have developed what they see as a simplified approach to single sign-on which lets users submit all their user name, password, certificate and encryption keys to one so-called Secure Store program, from where they can log into all their network-based services and …
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IBM, MS, BEA combine rival web service specs

Software giants BEA systems Inc, IBM Corp and Microsoft Corp have teamed up on yet another web services standards initiative, announcing the launch of three new specifications to address transacted communications of web services and a new language to describe business processes. The move is the latest in a series of …
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Shadow Robot Co. builds Helping Hand

The Shadow Robot Company, based in London, has received £75,000 from the UK government to build a robotic arm to help people with physical impairments, Matthew Clarke writes.
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IBM bags 10 new Linux customers

IBM Corp has released details of 10 new Linux customers ahead of the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in San Francisco next week, looking to steal the limelight from server rival Sun Microsystems Inc, which will unveil its first general-purpose Linux servers at the event. The announcement of 10 corporate and government …
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.NET cloud on the Eclipse horizon

The prospect that a vital element of Microsoft's .NET will debut in a Java IDE has come a step closer. A plug-in that connects Microsoft's Corp's C Sharp programming language with the Eclipse Framework has been built by Puteaux, France-based Improve SA. Eclipse is built in Java's Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT). Improve is …
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Alcatel owns US employee's thoughts

A US man says he will appeal a court's decision which ruled that an idea that existed only in his mind belonged to his employer.
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BOL UK to become online book club

BOL.com - the Bertelsmann ecommerce venture created to rival the mighty Amazon - is to enter a new chapter of etailing in the UK.
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Sun revives Solaris for Intel

Sun is to revive the Intel version of Solaris, which it effectively mothballed late last year.
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The hacker's worst enemy? Another hacker

DNSCON 5 By far the most entertaining - and controversial - speech of this year's DNSCON, the UK hacker conference, was delivered by Scotsman Gus (something of the Irvine Welsh of the UK's h4xOr scene) who lambasted the Hollywood image of hacking.
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EasyEverything fights music biz over download demands

Cybercafe chain EasyEverything is digging in its heels over the music industry's attempt to make it cough up £100,000 for allowing its customers to download music from the Net.
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Dell's Xmas PDA?

Digitimes suggests that Dell will enter the PocketPC business in time for Christmas with a $299 PDA.

The SPEC CPU 2004 Benchmark search program

Write a cool CPU benchmark and you could win up to $5,000. And free benchmarking software. And see your efforts incorporated into the SPEC CPU 2004 benchmark suite.
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Tiscali gets tough with service ‘abusers’

Tiscali UK has threatened to boot off users who abuse its 24/7 unmetered dial-up service. In an email Tiscali warned punters that they have "extremely high usage" on their AnyTime dial-up packages.
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Big Biz users mistreat laptops

Physical misuse of laptops is behind the majority of faults with corporate machines, costing UK plc millions of unnecessary equipment repairs.
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The Bunk stops here

Site of The Day When it comes to urban legends, get rich quick schemes, stupid chainmail, virus hoaxes, the Internet is the most virulent infectious agent of all.
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Verity Stob's Edsger Dijkstra tribute

Letters Re: Edsger Dijkstra: RIP
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Unix GUI in heap big security trouble

The Common Desktop Environment (CDE) ToolTalk RPC database server contains a vulnerability that could allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on target systems or cause a denial of service.

Sun's Big Bear Intel hug

Sun Microsystems has confirmed the specifications for its first general purpose server to feature Intel chips.
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Sun library bug affects *Nix and Kerberos

Administrators are urged to review the impact of a potentially serious vulnerability affecting many Linux and Unix distributions.