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S&P slams Level 3 acquisition plans

Level 3 Communications Inc's ambitions to lead the consolidation among global carriers were dealt a blow yesterday when ratings agency Standard & Poor's cut its credit rating and poured scorn on its acquisitive ambitions. With a debt burden that led to interest payments of $646m in its last financial year, the agency fears …
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McAfee.com to shift 1m units on P2P piggyback

McAfee.com Corp reckons it can grow its user base by over one million in the course of the current quarter, after striking deals with two major peer-to-peer file-trading software developers, Kevin Murphy writes. The company said its recently launched SecurityCenter application will ship with Blubster and Morpheus clients, …
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RealNetworks streams staff

RealNetworks Inc is laying off 11% of its staff as it tunes up its strategy to focus on its recently introduced Helix streaming media platform and RealOne consumer service. The company said it will record a restructuring charge of between $4m and $6m relating to the layoffs - 90 out of RealNetworks' current total of about …

Linuxcare returns with mainframe provisioning software

Little has been heard of Linux services vendor Linuxcare Inc since its planned merger with Turbolinux Inc bit the dust in May 2001, but the company is now back with a new software product for the provisioning and configuration of the Linux operating system on mainframe systems. Having been through a period of consolidation …
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VeriSign settles slamming charge with BulkRegister

BulkRegister Inc and VeriSign Inc said yesterday they have settled a false advertising lawsuit that helped spark a US Federal Trade Commission investigation into a VeriSign marketing campaign that ended in May. Terms were not disclosed, but it seems likely VeriSign will part with some cash. BulkRegister said it will …
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Interliant execs quit following bankruptcy filing

Managed hosting firm and ASP Interliant Inc has lost its CEO and president Bruce Graham and COO Steve Munroe after finally filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Purchase, New Jersey-based Interliant, also lost directors Thomas Dircks and Merril Halpern and Charlie Feld from investors Charterhouse Group and The Feld …
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Ex Grey Archers launch support site

A Web site has been set up to provide support for 150 former employees of Grey Archer, an online exchange for the UK pub trade.

Whither Exchange users?

E-mail is now a tool that is to be found at the heart of everyday business. Along with the increasing reliance that is now placed upon e-mail has come a cost: the very large cost associated with managing these systems. At the moment Microsoft supplies one of the most widely deployed e-mail engines in the guise of Exchange. But will the recent changes to Microsoft's licensing plans and revelations concerning the next version of Exchange have any effect on usage?
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‘Dotcom millionaire’ flogs porn empire

One-time teenage "dotcom millionaire" Benjamin Cohen has finally flogged his porn empire.
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Telecity paints grim picture of Web hosting sector

The Web hosting industry is on its knees and shows little sign of recovery in the near future.
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Edsger Dijkstra: RIP

Dutch computer pioneer Edsger W Dijkstra has died, aged 72.
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PSINet Europe mulls jobs cull

Workers at PSINet Europe will have an anxious wait over the next eight weeks following the ISP's decision to begin a strategic review of the company.
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Porn spam on the rise

Updated UK corporates are bombarded by porn and pedo bulk-emails - and ineffective anti-spam software and outdated email usage policies mean that many are coping badly
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Convergys to cut 90 Euro Jobs

Convergys - the software billing outfit - is to axe 90 jobs across its European operation.
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NTL shoots itself in the foot

Updated NTL restored its Web site to normality today after its contractors mistakenly loaded an alarming pop up message on to ntlworld.com.
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Microsoft squares FTC over Passport claims

Microsoft is to introduce a wide-ranging information security program for its Passport web service, after falling foul of the USA's might Federal Trade Commission.
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Attacking Nimda-infected attackers

Updated A presentation at Blackhat last week by Tim Mullen of AnchorIs, offering a novel treatment for the Nimda worm, has caused considerable controversy because it involves taking unauthorized actions against the offending box.
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IBM lays desktop PowerPC on Cupertino lawn

IBM is to release a version of the dual-core Power4 processor aimed at the desktop, and will disclosed details at Microprocessor Forum in October.