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SGI logo hardware close-up

Sybase gets it on with PeopleSoft

ComputerWire, 07 Aug 2002

XBRL – will it clean up accounts reporting?

ComputerWire, 07 Aug 2002

FTC probes VeriSign over slamming claims

ComputerWire, 07 Aug 2002

Cisco expects flat Q1

ComputerWire, 07 Aug 2002

Database security breaches on the increase

ComputerWire, 07 Aug 2002

Japan rolls out national ID registry

The Japanese Government has launched a new compulsory national ID scheme in the face of stiff opposition. Academics and activists have already handed the Home Affairs Ministry a petition demanding the Government halts the programme, which will turn every Japanese citizen into an 11-digit number.
IT-Analysis, 07 Aug 2002

Tesco launches wireless shopping

British shoppers are now able to buy their groceries via handheld computers in what is claimed to be a world's first.
ElectricNews.net, 07 Aug 2002

Win32 API utterly and irredeemably broken

Windows might possibly be the most insecure piece of viral code ever to infect a computer, according to Chris Paget who's found a fascinating hole in the Win32 Messaging System which he believes is irreprarable, and which he posted to the BugTraq security mailing list.
Thomas C Greene, 07 Aug 2002

ATI pencils Radeon 9700 retail date

ATI last month made a bit of a song and dance about its new RADEON 9700 graphics accelerator family, or visual processing unit, as the firm likes to call it.
Drew Cullen, 07 Aug 2002

UCITA drafters don't go far enough for Red Hat

The group that drafted the controversial UCITA legislation has approved a handful of changes designed to address concerns raised by Open Source advocates, but those changes may not go far enough to win the approval of Red Hat's lawyer.
Grant Gross, 07 Aug 2002

UK's £3bn e-gov push

The UK's e-envoy has welcomed the Chancellor's spending review as an important milestone in the delivery of government services online.
John Leyden, 07 Aug 2002

IBM rewrites IT game with uber-services push

IBM is poised to 'burn down' the IT industry and rebuild it in its own image following its recenet acquisition of PwC Consulting.
John Leyden, 07 Aug 2002

Orange Sweden seeks 3G delays, rural release

Orange has applied to vary the terms of its 3G license in Sweden. It wants to extend the roll-out period by three years and it wants permission to reduce poulation coverage to 8.3m from the original requirement of 8.86m (i.e. the entire population, more or less), the FT reports. The effect of relaxation of the latter obligation would probably see a large swathe of rural Sweden blanked from 3G access.
Drew Cullen, 07 Aug 2002

The happiest victim of theft. Ever

A Cheltenham woman who had her debit card stolen was dubbed the 'happiest victim of theft ever' after the thief used her card to bet on two horse races.
Drew Cullen, 07 Aug 2002

Ex workers sue Convergys and Deloitte & Touche

More than 200 former workers of a Scottish software company have launched legal action to reclaim £3m in unpaid salaries and redundancy payments.
Tim Richardson, 07 Aug 2002

Morpheus bundles McAfee.com info in P2P client

The firm behind the popular Morpheus file sharing network has selected McAfee.com as its preferred security partner.
John Leyden, 07 Aug 2002
server room

HP boosts server uptime and eases Linux set-up

HP has introduced software packages designed to boost server uptime and simplify the remote deployment of multiple Linux servers.
John Leyden, 07 Aug 2002

DEA data thief pleads guilty

Kevin Poulsen, 07 Aug 2002

Sun smacks Itanic with NEC doubter

Sun used remarks by NEC's chief scientist Leonard Tsai as it set about defending its processor work. Tsai remarks were reported here recently [see Itanic OEM slams Itanic].
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Aug 2002

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