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Microsoft exposes more Windows code

ComputerWire, 06 Aug 2002
Broken CD with wrench

HP refreshes midrange PA, Alpha servers

ComputerWire, 06 Aug 2002

Sun puts 1.05GHz US-III+ in midrange, enterprise servers

ComputerWire, 06 Aug 2002

Vodafone to source Sharp camera phones – report

ComputerWire, 06 Aug 2002

Linux sales fell in 2001, on rebound

ComputerWire, 06 Aug 2002

Network Physics tackles network chaos

ComputerWire, 06 Aug 2002

BT looks up directories for revenue boost

BT today outlined plans to expand its directories operation following Oftel's decision to deregulate the 192 service and the recent acquisition of Scoot's business.
John Leyden, 06 Aug 2002

BT sets broadband trigger levels for 88 more exchanges

BT Wholesale today set broadband registration trigger levels for 88 more exchanges. For 53 exchanges, the telco has set a trigger level of 200 customer registrations. This reflects lower than average costs, BT says.
Drew Cullen, 06 Aug 2002

Yahoo! takes! stake! in Sonora! Zed!

US Internet giant Yahoo! said on Tuesday it had acquired a 15 percent stake in European wireless portal Sonera Zed.
ElectricNews.net, 06 Aug 2002

IT and the Business Cycle

There is a regular business cycle, which lasts for about 9 years. The cycle is characterised by a period of growth, then strong growth and then recession. Unfortunately, the cycle isn't exact and it isn't dependable, or else you could make money out of it, by gambling on it. Sometimes it lasts 7 years, sometimes 10 or 11.
IT-Analysis, 06 Aug 2002

Israeli teenagers charged with Goner virus outbreak

Five Israeli teenagers have been charged with creating and spreading the W32/Goner-A virus, which spread rapidly on the Internet after its release in December last year.
John Leyden, 06 Aug 2002

Redbus runs over Stanford

Redbus Interhouse, the Uk web hosting firm, has successfully beaten off a challenge from co-founder Cliff Stanford to overthrow the board.
Drew Cullen, 06 Aug 2002

Telecom Italia shows startling honesty

Today we received a press release by email with the following headline.
Drew Cullen, 06 Aug 2002

NEC flogs Transmeta green PC

NEC yesterday unveiled the Powermate eco, a 'green' PC, incorporating 100 per cent recyclable plastic, low-power Transmeta CPU, and 15in LCD monitor.
Drew Cullen, 06 Aug 2002

BTopenwoe gives up punters' home addresses

A security gaffe by BT means that if you know someone's BT Click email address you stand a good chance of finding their place of residence.
John Leyden, 06 Aug 2002

FBI plays cyber-fear card again

There's a new warning from the FBI's National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC), an elite cyber squad famous for infecting its own network with SirCam, and which consistently manages to worry us about the wrong things at the wrong time.
Thomas C Greene, 06 Aug 2002

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