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Broken CD with wrench

Cisco's Linux project a marriage of gluttonous execs

Exclusive Many rank-and-file Cisco employees are questioning the ethics of a sweetheart deal in which senior Borg enjoying a leave of absence have sold a skunk-works company, AYR Networks, back to the Collective for a cool $113 million stock swap.

Sun considers messaging and database move

A new messaging and databases competitor is preparing to join battle with IBM, Microsoft Corp and Oracle Corp - and it's no start-up, Gavin Clarke writes Sun Microsystems Inc told ComputerWire last week it is evaluating launching an e-mail client to rival Microsoft's Outlook, and a separate database for deployment on the …
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Microsoft welcomes UK govt open source policy

Microsoft Corp has given a warm welcome to the UK government's recent open source software policy statement, indicating a further softening of the company's approach to its open source rivals. Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft appears to have a growing respect for the competitive threat posed by open source software, and …
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Delay may harm small .org bidders, firm says

Delay in the process of selecting a new company to run the .org internet top-level domain may count against some of the smaller, less well-funded bidders, one of the bidding companies believes, Kevin Murphy writes. Last week, a decision from industry manager ICANN, the Internet Corp for Assigned Names and Numbers, was …
DVD it in many colours

IBM to keep AIX releases rolling

As we reported back in March, IBM Corp is said to be readying the next release of its Unix operating system, AIX 5L V5.2, to get it into the market by October of this year, Timothy Prickett Morgan writes. It is expected to deliver the kicker to this release sometime in the second half of 2003. IBM is timing AIX 5L 5.2 to …
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Freeserve Anytime moves to Madeira

Freeserve is moving tax domicile for its Anytime unmetered ISP service to Madeira, taking advantage of the island's cheapo VAT regime.
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Easynet buys Dutch ISP

Easynet is beefing up its Dutch ops by buying Wirehub!, a B2B ISP for up to €6m in cash.
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Xpertise snaps up John Bryce Training

Xpertise, the UK IT training firm, has snapped up assets of John Bryce Training from the receivers.
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Freeserve punters to get Wanadoo email addys

Freeserve, the UK's biggest ISP, is to change its name to Wanadoo, bringing it into line with its French parent, according to the Sunday Telegraph.
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UK vendor's blooper offers £70 Sony Vaio for sale

UK online technology vendor Foris has committed what seems to be a fairly widespread and comprehensive implementation of the classic 'wrong price' blooper. At some time on Friday evening the site began offering a broad range of products at stupid prices, and word quickly spread on the net telegraph.
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Microsoft man seeks US Net Radio reprieve

A bill to protect grassroots Internet radio has been offered before Congress.
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MS' Mr WPA says no new corp keys for SP1

Microsoft licensing technologies lead product manager Allen Nieman (Mr WPA) has denounced last week's WinXP product activation revamp story as FUD, a rumour that is "entirely untrue," and that has been "parroted by some folks without validating with us" (by which we fear he means us).
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iPAQ revolt gathers pace

More than a 1,000 people, many representing small and medium businesses have signed the iPAQ Petition, a grass-roots campaign to shame HP into repairing or refunding defective models.
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The Bastard Guide to Overclocking

Episode 13 BOFH 2002: Episode 13
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The Bastard goes email snooping

Episode 12 BOFH 2002: Episode 12
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The BOFH Desidoreplicator

Not really an episode but No. 10 Not really an episode but No. 10 BOFH 2002: Not really an Episode but 10 Desidoreplicator The following text was found carved into the back of a Commodore CBM Business machine, dated 1-Sep-1970 Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in pressing the UPS SHUTDOWN button. As far as …
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Don't dump MS for free software, ambassador begs Peru

The prospect of Peru's legislators mandating free software for government departments continues to move mountains. First we had Bill Gates' shock donation to the Peruvian president, and now the US ambassador to Peru has written a letter to the president of the Peruvian congress opposing the move, according to Wired.
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Malays in software piracy malaise

A Malaysian trade minister has risked the ire of the software industry by suggesting the country would turn a blind eye to the use of pirated software in schools.
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The meaning of spam

Businesses in the US and UK agree that spam is a problem, but according to MessageLabs many users cannot reach a consensus on its definition.

Veritas strengthens Linux position

VERITAS, one of the largest software companies specialising in Storage Management, has released details of its support for Linux over the next year or so. The importance that the company now attaches to Linux can be perceived in the decision to treat Linux as a Tier 1 operating system placing it on a par with Solaris, AIX, HPUX and the Microsoft Windows platforms. In real term this means that over time VERITAS will provide full functionality for its products on supported Linux systems.
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Hutchison kicks off UK, Italy 3G trials in October

Hutchison will begin commercial trials of its 3G service in the UK and Italy, enlisting at least 10,000 guinea pigs, in October.
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The Greatness of Robot Wisdom

Site of the Day Critics who like to complain about the dearth of good writing on the Internet in general, and in blogland in particular might be missing the point. Perhaps we just need better readers, and there's no better reader on the Internet than Jorn Barger.
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Tinker with your MP3 player, get 5 years in jail

We were suspicious a few months back when US Senator Joseph Biden (Democrat, Delaware) introduced proposed legislation with Senator Fritz "Hollywood" Hollings (Democrat, South Carolina) to protect emblems of authenticity for digital media, such as holograms, with the same tough laws that criminalize bogus labels on designer-wear.
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Low-end server sales pick up (in US)

The last three months saw flat growth for server vendors with shipments of 1.08 million for Q2 2002, up 0.5 per cent on the same period last year, according to analysts Gartner Dataquest.
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VeriSign lied in ICANN race case

A Virginia court has ordered a retrial in the case of VeriSign's ICANN point man, who was dismissed by VeriSign in February 2001.
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Carry on Shopping: Chipzilla to appeal Xircom ban

Intel subsidiary Xircom says it will appeal a ruling preventing it from selling 26 products in the United States.
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A Bill declaring war on media-giant exploitation

Letters I read your article earlier today about the push in the US to legalize DoS attacks by corporations against peer-to-peer networking. Now there's a shining example of democracy in action, no?