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Sir Dystic steps up, clears air

I've been hanging on to several excellent flames relating to an article called Security industry's hacker-pimping slammed and another called 'Hacker' security biz built on FBI snitches, in hopes that Sir Dystic, slammed in a speech at H2K2 by Gweeds (and covered in both), would contact me. He's done so and he denies flatly any suggestion that he's ever worked for Microsoft, as Gweeds claimed. His is the first letter posted below.
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European handheld shipments plummet

Handheld device shipments continue to plummet according to research released yesterday by both IDC and Gartner Inc's Dataquest unit. IDC's figure of 449,740 PDA shipments to Western Europe compares relatively closely with Dataquest's estimate of 462,572 units, down 21% and 18% respectively on the same period in 2001. A …
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Cable horrors slice $13.1bn out of AT&T

AT&T Corp has swallowed a huge $13.1bn charge for the write-down in the value of its cable operations, and the New York-based carrier expects the revenue shortfall in the third quarter to be greater than the 6.1% slide recorded in the previous three months. In the second quarter to June 30, the loss was $12.7bn, down from …
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There's certs and certs – VeriSign badmouths rivals

Apparently refusing to be drawn into a digital certificate price war, VeriSign Inc is said to be on the verge of raising the price of some certs by up to 60%, and is mounting a marketing and education campaign saying its authentication services are more trustworthy than those of some of its rivals. The company announced a …
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DoCoMo chief fights his 3G corner

Keiji Tachikawa, the president of NTT DoCoMo Inc, yesterday hit back at criticisms of his company's FOMA 3G network service, and claimed that despite its sluggish start, FOMA is destined to be a platform for mobile applications for the next 20 years. Under Tachikawa's leadership, DoCoMo's pioneering approach to mobile data …

MS takes .NET to Oracle

Microsoft Corp is looking towards an unexpected source to further .NET uptake - database adversary Oracle Corp, writes Gavin Clarke. The Redmond, Washington-based company yesterday launched enhanced support for Oracle database products, with the .NET Framework Data Provider for Oracle. Data Provider for Oracle is …
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‘Technical challenges’ spike AOL IM interoperability

The prospect of AOL Time Warner Inc offering interoperable instant messaging or IM-based video services retreated further into the future this week, with the publication of a regulatory filing in which it said it has put interoperability work on the back burner, writes Kevin Murphy. In a filing July 16 with the US Federal …

IBM talks Big Biz with Palm

IBM and Palm are cosying up, with Big Blue agreeing to again resell the PDA maker's kit and, more importantly, the pair agreeing to develop Palm devices which can access enterprise applications and information using IBM's WebSphere.
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HP tears up Dell printer contract

HP is ending its printer reseller agreement with Dell. The company says that Dell is to sell own-brand printers and that no purpose is served by dealing direct with its arch-rival.
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French break with 802.11 standard

Rightly suspicious of an Anglo-Saxon conspiracy, French Wi-Fi enthusiasts have broken with an emerging wireless standard.
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Seven charged in VAT fraud investigation

Seven people have been charged with VAT and money laundering offences following raids by Customs and Excise officers investigating an alleged computer component fraud earlier this week.
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Shader wars: NVidia goes open source

John Carmack has welcomed NVidia's decision to open its source compiler technology - but not the actual compiler - for its high-level Cg language.
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We're paying too much for mobile calls – official

The Competition Commissioner has told mobile operators they are charging to much for connecting calls from other networks, recommending that prices be capped.
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ThrustWorld beats off site IP swipe

UK online gaming site ThrustWorld yesterday emerged victorious from a bizarre spat with online radio operation CyberKastRadio.com, which seemed somehow inadvertently to have ripped off Thrustworld's design, right down to the company logo. The strange similarity between the two prompted some comment, this thread at CyberKastRadio being one example, but dead silence from the site itself.
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Cloning machines go on sale on the web

DiY cloning is with us at last, and you can buy it on the web. Well, sort of. If you look here, you will find that for the bargain price of $9,199 ex shipping you can buy an RMX2010 Clonaid direct fusion, umm, thingummy.
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Congress to turn hacks into hackers

If House Hollywood sock puppet Howard Berman (Democrat, California) gets his way, it will become legal to hack a network in efforts to impede the on-line illicit trade in copyrighted works.
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WebTV 911 exploit causes confusion

A flaw in Microsoft's WebTV units might allow malicious hackers to force the unit's modem into dialling the emergency services, at least according to US reports.