22nd July 2002 Archive

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  • ARM plans to charge options against profits

    UK market's first 'we're not Enron, oh no sir' move

    Business 22 07:30

  • MS planning to tackle leaked WinXP keys with SP1?

    Mass zeroing of corporate keys mooted

    Software 22 09:16

  • WorldCom dives for Chapter 11 cover

    No surprises there

    Business 22 09:18

  • Tiscali to launch Excite across Europe

    Ssssshhhh, it's a secret

    Media 22 11:57

  • We hate our iPAQs

    Very long list of complaints

    Personal 22 13:01

  • Hopes of PC market recovery dashed

    Dell close to overtaking HP in becalmed sector

    Business 22 13:06

  • EDS rejects WorldCom accounting allegations


    Business 22 14:34

  • Fingerprinting of UK school kids causes outcry

    Prison-style fingerprint checking technology replaces library cards, or What Big Brother did next

    Software 22 14:39

  • Volunteer snoops coming to an ISP near you?

    Operation Cyber-TIPS

    Media 22 15:29

  • Microsoft's Canary phone – the first pics

    What a Stinker!

    Personal 22 15:59

  • EU intros site, freephone service to solve citizens' problems

    Their internal market problems anyway. Yum...

    Media 22 16:16

  • IETF puts weight behind Advanced Encryption Standard

    Improved secrecy and security, one TLA at a time

    Security 22 17:18

  • Bruce Perens on Real's Open Source gambit

    Media Frenzy

    Software 22 17:22

  • IBM ACTs on server cabling spag

    Daisy chain ACTion

    Servers 22 17:24

  • Symantec's SecurityFocus buyout met with pessimism

    Bug trackers fear BugTraq death

    Security 22 19:06

  • Serious PHP vuln reported

    Worse on Sparc than Intel

    Security 22 21:11