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JPEG guardians vow to defend free images

Yesterday, we broke the story that an obscure Texan video conferencing company is seeking royalties from a patent it acquired five years ago. With the help of a gold-bricking law firm, it wants to collect back royalties from every client device manufacturer which might possibly ever be in receipt of a transmitted JPEG image, and this includes digital cameras, PDAs, phones, scanners and of course, web browsers.
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Apple must raise prices – Now!

Letters This week Steve Jobs' altruism won out over his business sense, as Apple's decided to charge $100 a year for iTools (dot.Mac) and $129 for the upgrade to OS X 10.2.
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Face recognition fails in Boston airport

Test runs of the Visionics (now Identix) magical face-recognition terrorist finder at Boston's Logan Airport have failed miserably, as expected.