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Time Warner takes over AOL

AOL Time Warner COO Robert Pittman got the push yesterday, making room at the top for a virtual management takeover by Time Warner veterans, among whom Chairman Steve Case will essentially be a token AOLer.
Thomas C Greene, 19 Jul 2002

MS licensing deadline boosts popularity of WinXP

Microsoft's sales grew 10 per cent in its fourth quarter, helped by what is described as strong demand by business for Windows XP. This strong demand might under other circumstances be viewed as curious, considering businesses have battened down the hatches are are taking an extremely leery view of IT investment, but currently we have the small matter of the Licensing 6 31st July switch or die deadline. We'd have said 'strong surrender' was more appropriate.
John Lettice, 19 Jul 2002

China to build own version of Windows 98

China has kicked off a development programme intended to produce a home-grown operating system with equivalent functionality to Windows 98, and with compatibility with Office 2000 and Word, reports The People's Daily this morning.
John Lettice, 19 Jul 2002

WorldCom to face bankruptcy on Monday?

Scandal-hit WorldCom could file for bankruptcy protection by Monday, according to a report by Reuters.
Tim Richardson, 19 Jul 2002

Easynet buys ex-Energis German ops

Easynet Group Plc - the pan-European business broadband provider - has agreed to buy the majority of the web-hosting assets of Ision Internet AG, (Energis' former German outfit) from administrators for Euro3.4m (£2.2 million).
Tim Richardson, 19 Jul 2002

Sun goes back into black

Sun returned to the black with its latest quarterly results yesterday, which show a recovery in its fortunes, particularly in the US where sales grew 20 per cent. It has returned to profitability despite the continuing downturn in the IT market, and the slump in telecoms spending.
John Leyden, 19 Jul 2002

The Devil is in the Detail

June 13, 2002
Jay Heiser, 19 Jul 2002

Dutch judge tears up bulk mail ban

An Amsterdam court has thrown out a lawsuit requiring Dutch outfit AbFab to pay €50 every time it sent unsolicited email to customers of ISP XS4ALL.
John Leyden, 19 Jul 2002

Ericsson axes 5,000 jobs

Mobile phone giant - Ericsson - is to axe a further 5,000 jobs as it struggles to cut costs amid tough trading conditions.
Tim Richardson, 19 Jul 2002

Dan sold – but not as going concern

The assets of bust computer builder Dan Technology have been bought by OE Group, a Staffordshire-based rival.
Drew Cullen, 19 Jul 2002

Capitalist tool Forbes tools up for Linux

Notorious and self-confessed capitalist tool Forbes* magazine has produced a Linux special report and - good heavens - it seems fair and positive. Not only that - the headlines and straplines on the intro page sound positively like an advertisement for Linux.
John Lettice, 19 Jul 2002

Satellite broadband for cars goes live in UK

Can't get broadband? Nowhere near a BT-enabled DSL exchange or a cable franchise?
Tim Richardson, 19 Jul 2002

Almost 20,000 Irish customers ditch O2

O2 Ireland has seen customer numbers fall by nearly 20,000 over recent months. and has recorded a EUR58 fall in its blended Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) figures.
ElectricNews.net, 19 Jul 2002

BT broadband barometer shows faulty readings

BT's broadband registration system - designed to map demand for broadband in areas currently not wired up for ADSL - has had to fend off some flak since it was launched at the beginning of the month.
Tim Richardson, 19 Jul 2002

Bill Gates spams the world on Trustworthy Computing

Today you will probably have already read that Bill Gates says that the famous Microsoft security review of this year took twice as long as expected, and cost $100 million. These are the obvious bullet points from an unsolicited email His Billness sent to large numbers of unsuspecting subscribers to Microsoft newsletters, but don't be to hard on the lad.
John Lettice, 19 Jul 2002

ElcomSoft rubbishes eBook security ahead of Sklyarov case

ElcomSoft, the Russian firm at the centre of the Dmitry Sklyarov case, has published an advisory detailing fresh flaws with Adobe's eBook software.
John Leyden, 19 Jul 2002

RIP, John Cocke, inventor of the Risc chips

John Cocke, one of the principal architects of Reduced Instruction Set Computing, died on Tuesday after a long illness, including a series of strokes, in a hospital in New York state. He was 77.
John Leyden, 19 Jul 2002

New thomas.greene spam circulating

A spam message with no subject, a from-field containing "thomas.greene" and a return addy of thomas.greene@theregister.co.uk is circulating. Since it's impossible for me to use the SMTP service at El Reg from outside the office, it's clearly a forgery. I always use a different SMTP server.
Thomas C Greene, 19 Jul 2002

KPNQwest employees abandon posts

The last remaining employees of KPNQwest have walked out, leaving a vast chunk of communications infrastructure running on auto-pilot. Workers did not follow through on their threat to shut the operation down, but now if anything breaks, it simply won't get fixed.
Thomas C Greene, 19 Jul 2002

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