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MS white paper says Palladium open, clean, not DRM

A final draft of Microsoft's Palladium consultation white paper appears to have escaped, and is currently being hosted by Neowin.net. Microsoft intends to open Palladium up for discussion, but it's not as yet clear to us whether this means it will be distributing the white paper to all and sundry, or whether it envisages a more restricted distribution list. In any event we haven't been able to nail down anywhere on the Microsoft site you can get it,* or any mention of the Microsoft Content Security Business Unit, which authored it.
John Lettice, 17 Jul 2002

Sun's Java-Liberty moves risk industry scuffles

ComputerWire, 17 Jul 2002

NetIQ claims detects Hacktivismo tool

ComputerWire, 17 Jul 2002

Motorola chalks up biggest ever loss, but returns to profit

ComputerWire, 17 Jul 2002

Energis reborn as 'Chelys,' but still called Energis

ComputerWire, 17 Jul 2002

Oftel rejects BT break-up call

Oftel has rejected calls by MPs to break up BT insisting that it has sufficient powers to ensure that the former state monopoly does not abuse it market position.
Tim Richardson, 17 Jul 2002

Vulture Central welcomes new hatchling

Congratulations are due this morning to Reg editor Drew and wife Sian who have just welcomed a new arrival to their not insubstantial brood.
Lester Haines, 17 Jul 2002

MS to charge for MSN 8 browser – msn.co.uk for chop?

Microsoft is to charge for MSN 8.0, one way or another, and that kind of completes the circle, doesn't it? Giving away the browser for free unleashed many demons, not least of them the Four Attorneys of the Apocalypse, but now you'll either get MSN 8.0 bundled with MSN Internet access or, if you don't have an MSN sub, you'll have to pay if you want it.
John Lettice, 17 Jul 2002

Domain Registry of Europe defends tactics, sues Tucows

A Canada-based domain registration outfit currently targeting domain holders in the UK has moved to allay concerns about its service.
Tim Richardson, 17 Jul 2002

Europe extends employment rules to teleworkers

An agreement signed recently by representatives of European employers and trade unions is to form the basis of European rules on teleworking, and will become law in May 2005. The agreement was made via a consultation process initially launched by the European Commission in 2000, as part of the process of "modernising and improving employment relations."
John Lettice, 17 Jul 2002

Energis shareholders are revolting

Former shareholders in Energis have created a Web site to complain and muster support concerning the demise of the alternative telco.
Tim Richardson, 17 Jul 2002

HP confirms 150 suspended in email porn probe

HP has officially confirmed that it has suspended 150 staff as part of its investigation into the misuse of corporate email system in distributing "inappropriate material". Around 60 permanent and 90 contractors are under investigation.
John Leyden, 17 Jul 2002

Apple joins in ‘end of free Internet’ bandwagon

Apple is to start charging $100 a year for Web services that until now used to be free.
Tim Richardson, 17 Jul 2002

Apple earnings fall but meet forecasts

Computer maker Apple saw shares slide in after-hours trading after the firm reported a 48 percent fall in earnings and offered a cautious outlook.
ElectricNews.net, 17 Jul 2002
Collection of antique keys

Team demos ‘first quantum crypto prototype machine’

Boffins have moved one step closer to a practical implementation of the Holy Grail of encryption - quantum cryptography - by exchanging keys across a 67km fibre optic network.
John Leyden, 17 Jul 2002

BT suspends techie over Angus Deayton phone tap claim

A BT engineer has been arrested on suspicion of tapping the phone of TV celeb Angus Deayton.
Tim Richardson, 17 Jul 2002

‘Hacker’ security biz built on FBI snitches

I can prove it to ya, Watch the rotation; It all adds up to A fuckin situation    - - Public Enemy
Thomas C Greene, 17 Jul 2002

Itanic OEM slams Itanic

NEC's chief architect Len Tsai launched an astonishing attack on Intel's Itanium processor at Bert McComas' Platforms Conference in San Jose today.
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Jul 2002

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