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MS to ship Media Center ‘special edition’ of XP in Q4

Ah, the perils of automation. At 0512 GMT this morning a Reuters story headlined "Microsoft to release new multimedia edition Windows XP" winged its way to the company's customers. And then about 30 minutes later a bulletin from Reuters headlined "TECH-MICROSOFT-XP ADVISORY" seems to have headed to the same customers, saying, er, the story "is embargoed for publication until 1100 GMT on Tuesday July 16."
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Gweeds gets killed

Letters My recent item entitled "Security industry's hacker-pimping slammed" has generated damn few page hits but a vast flood of e-mail. What I reported, essentially, is that my boy Gweeds stood up at H2K2 this past weekend and excoriated the security establishment for selling out 'old-fashioned' (possibly fictional) hacker ethics for a quick buck. But before we get to the dirt, which readers have supplied with glee, I should at least say this much:
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Yahoo! censors portal, kisses Beijing's ass

Yahoo! has caved in to Chinese government intimidation and agreed formally to refrain from "producing, posting or disseminating pernicious information that may jeopardize state security and disrupt social stability" or spreading "superstition and obscenity," such as religious beliefs, say, or fair political analysis.
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Peru mulls Free Software, Gates gives $550k to Peru Prez

The Register's department of strange coincidences can't help noticing that yesterday Bill Gates met Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo, and graciously donated around $550,000 worth of money, software, and consulting to be used by Peru for education and e-government.
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TFI wants suspended ISP service ‘to be sorted’

A director of UK ISP thefreeinternet.net (TFI) has told The Register that he is doing everything he can to resume a Net access service for his customers.
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O2 security bubble pricked

O2 has plugged a serious security hole which left its customers' account and billing details open to attack.
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Fears emerge over Intel job cuts

The weak outlook in the PC market could lead Intel to announce layoffs and cost cutting when its Q2 figures are released on Tuesday.

IBM sends Shark into feeding frenzy

IBM yesterday unveiled the latest iteration of its Enterprise Storage System, commonly known as Shark. The product has been comprehensively upgraded since the last release from the firm. But this isn't the time to judge technical competence between the vendors, this year it's all about price.
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Reg Hackerettes – The jury delivers its verdict

Thanks to all those Hackerettes who answered our call regarding optimum sizes for a women's-fit Hacker t-shirt.
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Banks seal Energis takeover

A consortium of banks has bought ailing alternative telco, Energis, it was confirmed today.
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Microsoft lifts veil on Corona media platform

Doing the dance of the seven veils with its technology as usual, Microsoft Corp released a few more details of its "Corona" streaming media platform yesterday, saying the public beta of the software will be launched in Los Angeles on September 4. And, in an announcement that required no drum-roll, the company revealed …
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Liberty Alliance unveils secure sign-on specs

Liberty Alliance duly unwrapped its version 1.0 specifications yesterday, outlining a standard for federated network identity sign-on as a secure method for identifying individuals using any manner of internet-connected devices. The first phase of work undertaken by Liberty Alliance in its first year has focused on the use …
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Microsoft backs Web services security standard

Microsoft Corp is supporting a multi-vendor web services security specification, opening the door on interoperability with rivals, Gavin Clarke writes. The Redmond, Washington-based company said it will adopt Security Assertion Mark-up Language (SAML), officially launched yesterday, as it relates to WS-Security - developed …

Unisys takes high and middle roads with new ES7000s

Enterprise server maker Unisys Corp will today unveil that it has broken the ES7000 server line into two separate product streams so it can better target midrange and enterprise customers who have different scalability and pricing needs. Unisys, which was the only major server vendor offering servers based on processors …
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NAI sweetens McAfee.com bid

Network Associates Inc said yesterday it is prepared to raise the amount it is offering to buy the 25% of McAfee.com Corp it does not already own by 15.5% in order to get approval from a Special Committee of the anti-virus firm's board. The company said it is prepared to offer 0.9 NAI shares, versus the previous offer of 0 …

HP pulls plug on enterprise software lines

Hewlett Packard Co finally yanked the plug on its doomed NetAction Java and web services middleware yesterday. Palo Alto, California-based HP said it will discontinue the HP NetAction Application Server, NetAction Web Services Platform and Web Services Registry products. HP cited "heavy losses" for its decision to exit. …
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Nvidia intros nForce 2

Nvidia today unveiled its second-generation AMD-oriented nForce chipset, codenamed Crush 18. The product is aimed specifically at a low- to high-end PCs, but it also gives an interesting picture of the second-generation Xbox's capabilities.
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US Congress approves life terms for crackers

The US House of Representatives has approved a bill which raises the penalty for computer crime to a maximum of life imprisonment.
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MPEG 4 is go (licence fees capped)

A few weeks ago Apple effectively signalled that it had agreed licensing terms over MPEG 4, when it released a 'preview' of Quicktime 6.0 (which incorporates the video standard) in advance of any public accord with the MPEG-LA.
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UK2.net suffers outage

UK2.net - which claims to be the "UK's biggest host" - fell over yesterday afternoon, causing disruption for thousands of its customers.
Cat 5 cable

Soft landing for firms caught in Web host fallout?

A US technology consultancy firm is touting a 'soft landing' for companies whose web hosts have gone tits up or fled the scene.
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PC makers to start taking the Tablets

The punters are not buying desktop PCs; they are beginning to lose interest in buying notebooks; corporates are still flocking to Dell but staying away in droves from PC resellers. What is a poor PC maker to do?
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IBM, Intel, telcos mull US-wide WLAN service

IBM and Intel are drawing up plans with telecom companies to set up a network of wireless data hot spots in the US, according to reports.
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We don't need no stinking ID cards

On July 3, the Home Office began a six-month consultation (PDF) on whether or not ID cards should return to the UK.
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Sun UK resellers under email siege

Sun Microsystems' hard-pressed UK reseller channel suffered another indignity today, when the company messed up its email group pricertool_external_emea@sun.com, apparently by making it an outside-world addressable alias.
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Frethem worm poses as Password file

If you get an unsolicited email today regarding 'Your Password' resist any temptation to click on the attachment. It's more than likely to contain a variation of the latest email-aware worm, Frethem.
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Govt unveils plans for eDemocracy

The Government is looking at ways it can use technology to reform the way people influence the running of the country.
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Snouts in the honeypot

[SCENE: A small but elegant office. Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" plays softly in the background. A man in a red power tie sits behind a solid oak desk, gently rubbing the top of a Montblanc pen across his upper lip while peering intently at his computer. The early afternoon peace is broken by heavy footsteps. A highly agitated man wearing a t-shirt reading "Windows Blows" barges into the office.]
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HP suspends 100+ UK staff in email porn probe

Exclusive HP has suspended more than 100 employees on full pay in the UK and Ireland pending an investigation into the misuse of its corporate email system to circulate pornographic material.
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Ballmer 'fesses up to Linux/Windows cost FUD

Windows is a lot more expensive to run than Linux, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has finally confessed. Despite Redmond's heroic efforts to defeat common knowledge with elaborately-rigged total cost of ownership 'studies', innuendo, FUD and outright distortions, the rhetorical power of common experience has become too powerful, even for a marketing behemoth like MS.