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PA-8800s will snap into existing HP Unix boxes

A couple of weeks ago, we divulged some of the details on the upcoming "Mako" PA-8800 RISC processor from Hewlett Packard Co for its HP 9000 and rp Series of Unix servers, Timothy Prickett Morgan writes. In that discussion, we speculated that HP might have to announce a new set of server chassis to accommodate the PA-8800 …
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PGP Vuln exposed by Outlook plug-In

One the most important secure email standards used to encrypt messages could be vulnerable to attack through a plug-in used by the Microsoft Outlook email suite. It is claimed that certain commercial and freeware products supplied by Network Associates Inc that use the Pretty Good Privacy encryption standard contain a flaw …
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Liberty Alliance proposes Web security standards

A set of Sun Microsystems Inc-backed web services security specifications could soon pass to a standards-body backed by IBM and Microsoft, Gavin Clarke writes. Liberty Alliance Project members have discussed submission of their specifications to the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards ( …
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Another year of telco turmoil – C&W

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Sendo to Undercut XDA

Sendo Holdings Ltd has set a target price for its long-awaited handset powered by Microsoft Corp's Smartphone software that will significantly undercut O2 Plc's XDA. The company is also considering a flashable terminal to allow for operating system upgrades, Tony Cripps writes. Ron Schaeffer, head of product strategy and …
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PC prices plummet in Europe

Early migration to Pentium 4-based desktop PCs and PC servers helped the European PC industry reverse a year of falling prices in the first quarter, but according to the latest price index findings of IDC, this respite has proved brief, and prices are spiraling down once more. According to the Framingham, Massachusetts- …
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Citrix to pink slip 10 per cent

With its Q2 figures due to be announced on July 17th, Citrix has given a broad hint as to the likely outcome and is pre-empting the results by announcing that it expects to layoff around 10 percent of its staff.
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Confirmed: MS to ship beefed up 802.11 security in XP SP1

Microsoft will, as suggested here last week, be shipping a Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol (PEAP) client with SP1 of Windows XP. This will beef up wireless security in XP and will no doubt come in handy for the mysterious security of Microsoft's forthcoming home wireless products.
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Reg Cancer Busters donates 1,000 years

Site News Dave Oliver, team captain of Vulture Central II, writes Woo-hoo, we made it. VCII has now donated over 1000 years worth of processor time to Cancer Research!
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Archie Norman lined up for Energis as banks take over

Archie Norman - the Tory MP and former Asda chairman - is to take charge of troubled alternative telco, Energis.
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Vallance recounts WorldCom war stories

When it comes to the WorldCom scandal, let's face it, most news is bad news.
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Vodafone sues Daily Telegraph for libel

Vodafone has filed a claim for alleged libel in the High Court against the Daily Telegraph concerning an opinion piece written last month.
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Preinstalled Mandrake Linux PCs go live at Walmart

Newsforge notes that Mandrake Linux PCs finally went on sale at Walmart.com over the weekend. Prices range from $391 for a 900MHz Duron machine to $648 for a 2GHz Pentium 4 with CD-RW.
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Mobile Athlon, AMD fanboy spat, Intel price cuts

HWRoundup AMD today intro'ed the new top of the line notebook CPU, the mobile Athlon XP 1800+. This costs $335 and two customers, HP and ACER Europe have been outed for launch day.
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Webmaster conference held in London pub

Alerting all BOFHs. Do you find the grind of strategy briefing, product pitches and workshops a tedious interlude at conferences before getting down to the real business of getting on with some serious drinking?
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WorldCom whistleblowers play in tune

Accounting irregularities at scandal-hit WorldCom date back as far as 2000, according to Republican congressman Billy Tauzin.
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Interoute buys part of Ebone

Pan-European fibre-optic telco - Interoute - has purchased a number of key assets of KPNQwest's Ebone network.
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E-business lives on, says EDS

'E-business is not dead,' says a new report by EDS, which shows that most large companies in Europe treat e-business as a fundamental long-term strategy.
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Security industry's hacker-pimping slammed

I spent three days at H2K2 hoping someone would say something worth mentioning in The Register. Finally, on Sunday, a couple of speakers did just that (on which more tomorrow). Best of all was Gweeds' savage synopsis of a thing which world + dog has no doubt long entertained as a vague suspicion, namely the way hackers pimp themselves in hopes of getting hired at great expense by security companies, and the way conferences provide fertile soil for the illusory threat exaggeration on which the security industry feeds.
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Wireless LAN platform for UK rail passengers

Wireless LAN hot spots are to be created at 15 mainline railway stations across the UK.