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USA Today swats hack attack – but not entirely

USA Today experienced a hacker attack last night, which took it out of service for three hours. The pub manfully 'fesses up in a front page piece here, wherein it says normal service resumed around 2am US Eastern Time.
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Dell ups Q2 forecasts

The markets were presented with a rare spectacle yesterday, when a tech company warned that its financial results will be better than expected. Dell Computer Corp announced yesterday afternoon that both sales and earnings for its second quarter will be better than it predicted in May. However, the announcement could still …
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Fujitsu plans cuts, predicts two more years to recovery

Fujitsu Ltd is planning job cuts and believes that the market will not recover for another two years. The Tokyo, Japan-based computer giant said the WorldCom scandal and concerns over the US economy, will almost certainly mean further restructuring this year, despite the fact that its profit target remains on course. …
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KPNQwest heads for final shutdown

The future of the KPNQwest network looks bleak, after the Customer Support KPNQwest foundation decided to withdraw its support for the operation from 23.00 hours tonight. The foundation was co-founded by Dutch carrier KPN NV to enable the bankrupt network to continue operating while possible buyers were found. Yesterday …
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IBM sell first Regatta-H iSeries monster server

It might have the highest price tag of any OS/400 server yet built, but IBM Corp has already sold its first iSeries Model 890 "Regatta-H" server. The first iSeries Model 890 is going to Apria Healthcare , a home healthcare equipment and services provider based in the Los Angeles suburb of Lake Forest. One of the driving …
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Last call for Star Wars console competition

It's your last chance to win an original Star Wars console courtesy of AMD and Rackspace Managed Hosting. The competition closes at 10am GMT on Monday 15 July, so you'd better get your skates on.

EMC And Accenture – The Switzerland of Storage

EMC and Accenture have joined together to create Information Solutions Consulting, a new business targeted at bringing "end to end, platform independent storage consulting services" to the market. The five-year agreement will see the new group set up as a new unit within EMC but separate from the core EMC professional services business. The new services are meant to extend the reach of EMC's services, not replace its service business.

Nanotechnology may be over-hyped

Nanotechnology will require sustained investment over at least the next decade, as well as more commercial applications, if it is to deliver on its initial promise.

One in ten workers squeezed out at Juniper

Juniper Networks yesterday announced plans to lay off 10 per cent of its workforce following the completion of its Unisphere Networks acquisition from Siemens.
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RIM unleashes more lawyers on Good

From Europe, it might look like two bald men fighting over a comb, but the fight between Research In Motion and Good Technology is deadly earnest.
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MS to use PEAP for home wireless security?

A little bird suggests to The Register that Microsoft's "more secure than others" wireless products will be using Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol (PEAP). He further suggests that PEAP support will ship with Windows XP SP1, and although we hadn't heard that as a possible SP1 addition, Microsoft is a supporter of PEAP, and a while back said a "future version of the Windows client may also include Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol," here.
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Sharp Linux handheld in double bug alert

Sharp's Linux-based Zaurus handhelds have two security bugs.
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BTo in business broadband promo

BT Openworld - BT's mass market ISP - is offering business customers £130 cash- back for companies that sign up to any one of its three 'multi-user' Broadband PLUS products.
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Norwegian gov ditches contract with Microsoft

The Norwegian government has terminated its contract with Microsoft, with employment and administration minister Victor D Norman commenting that the deal had been "unfortunate," and that the injection of competition could mean cheaper and (cruel cut) higher quality solutions.
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EU recycling rules to hit PC makers

A report by Gartner predicts that new EU recycling rules will raise the production costs of PCs and lead to faster consolidation in the European PC industry.
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Three domain name scams

Barely a day goes by when Vulture Central doesn't receive an email from readers warning about some domain name scam or other.
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Calling all Reg Hackerettes

The success of the Vulture Central Hacker range of IT leisurewear has led many female readers to request, nay demand, that we produce a shirt specifically for women.
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UK broadband take-up doubles

Three per cent of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in the UK have signed up to broadband, according to the latest stats from telecoms regulator Oftel.
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Cash'n'Carrion down for stocktake

Sincere aplogies are due to all our customers this weekend as our Cash'n'Carrion Reg shop is shut down for a frantic weekend stocktake.
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Ogg Vorbis goes gold

Ogg Vorbis, the open source audio compression format, went gold today.
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RedHotAnt boss jailed for 5 years

Kevin Wall - the former boss of ISP RedHotAnt - was jailed today for five years for his part in a £1.3 million VAT fraud.
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Linux attacks on the rise?

Attacks on Linux and open source Web applications appear to have risen sharply this year, while attacks on Windows systems are markedly down.
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BOFH and the God of Workplace Harmony

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