11th July 2002 Archive

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  • Software in China, India to top $27bn by 2006

    And China to pass India, says Gartner

    Software 11 Jul 08:22

  • Liberty move on Telewest faces legal challenge

    Bondholders baulking...

    Business 11 Jul 08:25

  • W3C releases first drafts of WSDL 1.2

    Open for comment and review

    Media 11 Jul 08:28

  • Soap and WSDL ‘must haves’ for web services – IDC

    By the end of this year, already...

    Media 11 Jul 08:31

  • Yahoo! Back! In! The! Black!

    Reasons to be cheerful

    e-Business 11 Jul 09:19

  • Fox recommends hacked DVD players for The Simpsons

    Cartoon cuffs for Homer?

    Personal 11 Jul 09:24

  • MS licensing deadline doom looms – buy or die

    Or defect...

    Software 11 Jul 09:50

  • Attack of the Cyber-Terror Studies

    No pass mark for Dartmouth College

    Security 11 Jul 10:45

  • MS: our phone software might not be good enough

    Don't ask me, I only work here

    Mobile 11 Jul 10:48

  • MS SQL Server multiple vulns

    Get your daily fixes

    Software 11 Jul 11:03

  • PGP Outlook plugin has major security hole

    Relax, there's a patch

    Software 11 Jul 11:35

  • Wales gets broadband boost

    Let's all move to Llandegwning

    Broadband 11 Jul 12:34

  • IE scripting flaw uncovered

    Full disclosure

    Security 11 Jul 12:52

  • How to link to The Register

    The Company 11 Jul 15:12

  • MS talks to self about not talking about home 802.11b range

    Doesn't actually announce something we all knew very little about already

    Software 11 Jul 15:18

  • Contact The Register - FAQ

    Here we are then

    The Company 11 Jul 15:30

  • Welsh Assembly Web site sick

    Sorry to hear that

    Bootnotes 11 Jul 15:54

  • Fighting the Pigopolists with bricks not bluster

    Routing around the RIAA

    Letters 11 Jul 17:22

  • Syndication

    Republishing Register content: the Ts & Cs

    The Company 11 Jul 21:59

  • Open source developers wary of MS graphics patent grab

    OpenGL mail

    Letters 11 Jul 23:39