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ROI faulty as measurement of IT success – survey

Return on investment (ROI) is no longer seen as a key indicator of what does and what does not make technology investments work, a poll of 400 IT and financial directors in the UK has shown. The Unisys-sponsored research showed that there is still a significant job to be done in business to first identify and then …
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HP releases Itanium 2 benchmark data

Intel Corp duly rolled out its "McKinley" Itanium 2 processors yesterday, and as results of the first industry standard benchmark tests run on the machines were finally available, IT vendors and their customers can get a grip on how well or poorly the Itanium 2 machines compare to RISC/Unix, IA-32, and other alternatives …
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Buffet and friends sub Level 3 $500m for acquisitions

Level 3 Communications Inc sees itself as the company best placed to carry out a wide-ranging consolidation among global carriers after raising $500m in bonds from a group of corporate investors including Berkshire Hathaway, which is chaired by Warren Buffet. This gives the Broomfield, Colorado-based company $1.5bn to …
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HP roadmaps Itanium futures as McKinley debuts

Hewlett Packard Co, perhaps the biggest supporter of the Itanium architecture aside from Intel Corp, took the launch of the "McKinley" Itanium 2 processor from Intel yesterday as an opportunity to elaborate on its immediate and long-term plans to incorporate the Itanium 2 processors as well as future generations of IA-64 …
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MS poised to announce .NET Server RC1?

Windows .NET Server is poised to reach the Release Candidate 1 milestone, claims Steven Bink of WindowsXP.nu. This would likely put RTM (Release to Manufacture) somewhere in Q4, so the server version would be out a year in arrears of XP's rollout.
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P45s for Porn Surfers

A quarter of UK companies have dismissed employees for Internet misconduct with the majority of sackings for online porn, according to a survey released today by Websens, the Internet censorware outfit.
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Broadband users called to protest against BT

A Kent businessman is calling on people to join him in a protest about BT's poor broadband service.
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EU report calls for widespread open source adoption

A European Commission funded report into the pooling of software across the EU's administrations has recommended that governments share and adapt software via the Open Source model. The study, conducted by (arf arf) sometime Microsoft buddies Unisys, calls for a development program lasting six years, starting with a clearing house to which governments could 'donate' software for reuse, with a total investment of E6 million over the period.
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WorldCom takes the Fifth

WorldCom's former CEO, Bernard Ebbers, and former CFO, Scott Sullivan, sat like a pair of sock puppets in front of the House Committee on Financial Services, repeatedly chirping a single rehearsed answer to each question during a hearing on the company's dirty dealings in Washington Monday.
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Sun shines on Scots job market

Sun is to transfer some production of its flagship enterprise server from the US to its plant at Linlithgow, Scotland.
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Here Comes the Sun, da da da da

If you're currently sitting looking out of the office window over the rain-washed car park of a red-brick technology park in the home counties wondering what to do this weekend now that the company softball match has been cancelled, why not use the time to brush up on your Java skills?
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Web site censored over pictures of traffic wardens

Traffic wardens in Canterbury, Kent say they have been "harassed, alarmed and distressed" by a Web site lampooning their activities.
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Europe unhappy over local loops

The EU Competition Commissioner has said the unbundling of local loops in Europe remains slow, once again suggesting that legal action may be on the horizon.
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Why Microsoft C# is ‘paralysed or dead’

Letters Our recent etymological diversion Why Microsoft makes a complete hash out of C# prompted a huge response, more than 200 emails.
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BT Retail to flog 24/7 Net access

BT Retail is to flog 24/7 unmetered dial-up Net access direct to its punters as part of an extension of its BT Together range of products.

Mitel cuts staff hours to pare payroll

Mitel Networks is reducing staff working hours - and cutting their pay by 10 per cent - in a move to cut the wage bill over the summer months.
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Celebrity Apple cronies silent on community expulsions

Apple's wealthiest and most prominent celebrity cheerleaders have yet to break their silence on the company's culling of its grassroots publishers.
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