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Mitnick testimony burns Sprint in Vegas ‘vice hack’ case

Kevin Poulsen, 26 Jun 2002

Scandal-hit Peregrine appoints new CFO and auditors

ComputerWire, 26 Jun 2002

Worldcom engulfed in $3.8bn accounting scandal

Worldcom, the US telco, has uncovered an huge accounting scandal at the firm, which overstated profits by an astonishing $3.8bn.
Drew Cullen, 26 Jun 2002

Apple dumps Aussie PR after news coup

Over the years, Apple has become accustomed to bad news. Now it gets the flutters when there's good news. And so, the company has sacked its PR manager in Australia after she mistakenly issued a good news press release.
Our correspondent, 26 Jun 2002

MS releases Web Matrix dev tool

Microsoft is pitching a new development tool at non-professional developers who want to make use of the features of .NET. The new tool, known as the Web Matrix project, offers all of the basic single-user features that would be expected and doesn't have some of the management features that are to be found in Visual Studio .NET.
IT-Analysis, 26 Jun 2002

Microsoft Mac boss responds to Hebrew snub

Kevin Browne, manager of the Microsoft Macintosh Business Unit, has responded to our coverage of the lack of localization on the Mac for Hebrew, Arabic and other languages. We print his reply in full. We print our response in full, too.
Andrew Orlowski, 26 Jun 2002

RIM propagates new BlackBerries

ComputerWire, 26 Jun 2002

Secure Computing waves next-gen firewall roadmap

ComputerWire, 26 Jun 2002

Copyright vigilantes ride P2P shotgun

A Democrat Congressman is proposing a bill that would legalise techniques to disrupt the operation of file sharing networks, such as KaZaA and Morpheus.
John Leyden, 26 Jun 2002

More on AMD and Palladium

HWRoundupNow then, now then, here's an interesting nugget fossicked by ExtremeTech reader and consultant Andreas Kuhn - a two-year old white paper "authored by AMD and encryption firm Wave Systems (which) may offer additional clues to the design of PCs incorporating Palladium, Microsoft's new security initiative."
Drew Cullen, 26 Jun 2002

Dixons talk up PCs, mobile phones

Dixons has issued an bullish assessment of a sales recovery in mobile phones and PCs, following big slumps in the year to April 27 2002.
Drew Cullen, 26 Jun 2002

LCDs drive monitor market

LCD monitor sales continue to rise at the expense of their CRT counterparts , and will account for more than 75 per cent of monitor shipments by 2006.
Drew Cullen, 26 Jun 2002

Not so gay blades

Server BriefingBlades may not have become the biggest sector of the server market - contrary to some of the more bullish forecasts made last year - but these compact server-on-a-card machines are nevertheless likely to be one of the more active areas of the business over the coming years.
Tony Smith, 26 Jun 2002

AMD bags VIA, Zeus as server supporters

Two more companies today signed up to the AMD standards camp, with Zeus, the Internet server software guys, tipping up to write 64-bit extensions for Opteron, and VIA enlisting for the HyperTransport protocol brigade.
Drew Cullen, 26 Jun 2002

OpenSSH hits the fan

A serious vulnerability in default installation of OpenSSH on the OpenBSD operating system has come to light.
John Leyden, 26 Jun 2002

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