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Buy Kirk's chair on eBay

OK, I'll confess it: I'm personally not the world's biggest Star Trek fan; but if there's a single object that symbolizes the whole phenomenon for me in a pleasant way it would have to be Captain Kirk's command chair. A fascinating item: at once an emblem of techno-spiritualism, and yet so....so episcopal. And now it's up for auction: the original, the real McCoy (sorry, couldn't resist), the eternally-famous, quintessential Enterprise bridge prop. Have you got a six-figure disposable income? Then you, my dear reader (and Boomer corporate Chairman?) may end up swiveling in it and barking orders at your underlings.
Thomas C Greene, 25 Jun 2002

IBM floats Regatta-LE Power4s

ComputerWire, 25 Jun 2002

InterTrust sues Microsoft (on just about everything)

ComputerWire, 25 Jun 2002

Sun closes on WS-I

ComputerWire, 25 Jun 2002
Cat 5 cable

Start-up builds absolutely enormous NAS device

ComputerWire, 25 Jun 2002

Lindows.com plans flat-fees for OEMs

ComputerWire, 25 Jun 2002

Five year old wins MS proficiency cert, Gates book

A five year old boy in Thailand has passed Microsoft's Office User Specialist examination (MOUS), and won himself a copy of Bill Gates masterpiece Business At The Speed of Light.
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Jun 2002

Half of US Net users to have broadband by 2004

Broadband will account for half of all Net access connection in the US by early 2004, according to a survey by New Jersey-based market research firm Solomon-Wolff Associates.
Tim Richardson, 25 Jun 2002

Windows Longhorn slips again, becomes megaproject

Yes folks it's spring in Seattle at last, the moss has gone green, and the Redmond marketing team is busy altering perceptions by dispensing prestige exclusive executive access to prestige publications. The second of the week so far is Bill himself, in Fortune, painting a rosy (albeit staggeringly vague) picture of Longhorn. Who's next? Steve? But everybody gets Steve...
John Lettice, 25 Jun 2002

Supercomputer eats more power than small city

A big thank-you to Adam Daniel who alerted us to The Register's guest appearance the New York Times, our second favourite NY paper.
Drew Cullen, 25 Jun 2002

Dell storage survey is skew-whiff – Gartner

Gartner has taken issue with Dell's claim that two-fifths of UK IT directors plan to spend between 21 and 40 per cent of their entire IT budgets on storage this year (Story IT Directors rate data storage).
John Leyden, 25 Jun 2002

Net sucks eyeballs dry

Sales of drugs designed to sooth sore eyes are rising as more and more people access the Internet and spend time watching TV.
Tim Richardson, 25 Jun 2002

Protest site makes Easy domain crusade more difficult

A furious domain owner has set up a protest site to publicise Easy Group's heavy-handed legal tactics in trying to take over his easibook.com site.
Kieren McCarthy, 25 Jun 2002

Pipex swamped by self-install DSL calls

Pipex is to beef up its customer helpdesk service after being inundated with calls concerning its broadband products.
Tim Richardson, 25 Jun 2002

Linux v. MS v. Unix – who's got the Big Mo?

Server BriefingWall Street's love affair with Linux companies may have ended a long time ago, but the open source operating system's march into the enterprise continues unabated, if slowly. Indeed, while Linux may have lost its lustre for investors, some banks, including CS First Boston and Merrill Lynch, have given it the thumbs-up and have begun replacing old trading systems and servers with Linux-based kit.
Tony Smith, 25 Jun 2002

E$$O sets attack dogs on protest site

Drew Cullen, 25 Jun 2002

Demon email ‘beyond a joke’

Demon's email service is getting "well beyond a joke" after punters complained that they've been plagued with problems since last week.
Tim Richardson, 25 Jun 2002

Coming soon: SMS TV

Is nowhere safe from text messaging, coming soon to landlines and not so soon to TVs?
John Leyden, 25 Jun 2002

Be Inc. completes takeover of Palm

Be Inc. yesterday formally completed its takeover of PalmSource with the appointment of Jean-Louise Gassee to the Palm board. Former Be executives now hold the crucial positions of influence at the troubled PDA company.
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Jun 2002

Hutchison wins Irish 3G gig

O2 and Vodafone Ireland have both lost out in their bid for the top third-generation mobile licence in Ireland to newcomer Hutchison Whampoa, Louise Carroll writes.
ElectricNews.net, 25 Jun 2002

Debian boost as Sun buys SPARC edge start-up

Sun Microsystems is buying infrastructure start-up Afara Websystems, Sun VP David Yen said today.
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Jun 2002

Sun blasts “1970s” Itanic

Sun blasted the Itanium family as "1970s technology" in briefings about forthcoming SPARC processors. Sun described it as a 'roadmap', but there's significantly less detail in the new official disclosed than what InfoWorld reported here.
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Jun 2002

MS to eradicate GPL, hence Linux

Yesterday, as we all know, Microsoft fed an 'exclusive' story about its new 'Palladium' DRM/PKI Trust Machine to Newsweek hack Steven Levy (a guy who writes without irony of "high-level encryption"), presumably because they trusted him not to grasp the technology well enough to question it seriously. His un-critical announcement immediately sparked a flurry of articles considering what this means to the Windows user base.
Thomas C Greene, 25 Jun 2002

Why Intel loves Palladium

Remember the Processor Serial Number? We do - this was Intel's attempt to embed a unique ID in every CPU. Switched on at the launch of the Pentium III in February 1999, the PSN was a public relations disaster, prompting torrents of abuse from mostly sensible people, who feared the implications of PSN for consumer privacy.
Drew Cullen, 25 Jun 2002

BBC takes big sledgehammer to small nerd

Radio scanners are a threat to national security which imperil the lives of the Royal Family and others, thanks to the activities of ne(rd)'re do wells who publicise how to listen into police radio communications.
John Leyden, 25 Jun 2002

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