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Furry Fetish Fury!

Letters A snide reference to the Furry cult - it's not a fetish, as we'll discover- has prompted two letters to El Reg.
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MS refuses judge's order, antitrust meltdown to follow?

Two days ago Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly issued an order demanding a measure of compromise from the warring parties, and yesterday Microsoft refused to comply. So the scene is now set for a collision that could take down the DoJ-Microsoft settlement and set the whole trial roadshow in motion again.
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Microsoft's Hebrew, Arabic snub: your pain

Letters Your letters continue to flood in about the lack of support for Hebrew, Arabic and right-to-left languages on the Macintosh.
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HP upgrades NonStop Servers

Hewlett Packard Co made good on its promises and those made by the executives in charge of the former Tandem Computers line of fault tolerant machines to keep upgrading and improving these machines, which are a major backbone in the financial services industry and which are increasingly used for high-end e-business …

MS serves up BizTalk for smaller businesses

Microsoft Corp has released two editions of BizTalk Server 2002, in a bid to further extend the reach of the product and bring integration technology to the low end of the market. Microsoft is rapidly gaining momentum in the integration software market with BizTalk, which is attractive to small-to-medium-sized companies …
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Cloudmark takes Napster model to spam blocking

Cloudmark Inc came out of stealth mode yesterday with a product that applies Napster-style technology to combating unsolicited commercial email or spam. The company released SpamNet, a free Outlook plug-in that is ultimately expected to leverage the opinions of many thousands of email users in filtering spam. The San …
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Taiwan LCD sector overtakes Korea

Taiwanese LCD suppliers outstripped their Korean counterparts for the first time in the first quarter, the latest numbers from DisplaySearch show. The research house, which specializes in the display market, said that shipments of 10-inch-plus LCDs rose 88% year-on-year and 9% sequentially to 16.1 million units in the …
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Arson blamed for Beijing cyber cafe fire

Two teenagers have been arrested on suspicion of starting a fire at a cyber cafe in Beijing in which 24 people died and 13 were injured.
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Monday: gets that Monday morning feeling

Those readers who enjoyed our recent report on the moment of corporate insanity which provoked PwC Consulting to rebrand as Monday: will doubtless take malicious pleasure in the following.
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WLAN Hotspots warm up

Two WLAN hotspot surveys are out (or rather publicised for the first time). this week and both predict roaring trade. There’s a difference opinion over the numbers, but both InStat/MDR and TeleAnalytics (TA) predict big growth.
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Microsoft takes hostages for next anti-Java legal round

Rick Ross, founder of the JavaLobby community forum was deposed by Microsoft attorneys last week and his account of the session gives a glimpse into Microsoft's next round of legal warfare against Sun.
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BT thumped by new competition proposals

BT faces the threat of stiffer competition from rival operators following the announcement of reforms from telecoms watchdog Oftel.
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Nokia lowers sales estimates

After announcing reduced sales estimates, Nokia said colour screens and MMS technology will entice consumers to buy new mobile phones.
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MS to pull Java in 2004 – why you knew this already

Microsoft, you may have heard from many sources in the past couple of days, is to stop shipping Java in 2004. Shocking, eh? But you've known that for well over a year, really.
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US ISPs fight for ‘competitive broadband markets’

Around 100 US ISPs have banded together to fight for what they describe as the "future of competitive broadband markets".
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Opera makes hay with MS Mac Arabic/Hebrew snub

Opera software has responded to the international outcry against Microsoft's lack of support for localization in its Macintosh products.