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IBM readies entry and workgroup Power4 Servers

ComputerWire, 14 Jun 2002

Peregrine gets $50m loan, sells e-commerce ops

ComputerWire, 14 Jun 2002

Entercept hardens anti-hacker blockades

ComputerWire, 14 Jun 2002
Broken CD with wrench

Fibre Channel grows in storage slump

ComputerWire, 14 Jun 2002

First JPEG virus not a threat

ComputerWire, 14 Jun 2002
Cat 5 cable

Who is on EMC's shopping list?

The stock markets of the world are still suffering as the majority of technology related share prices continue to trade at extremely low values. However, there are still organisations around who have cash sitting in the bank, and with interest rates for savings at near record lows, speculation is rife that this summer will witness a rash of takeovers, buyouts and mergers. Last week, storage heavyweight EMC became the latest company to openly discuss acquiring companies in order to drive up its margins.
IT-Analysis, 14 Jun 2002

Time guns for business market

Time Group has hired RM sales director Geoff Smith to run the system builder's non-consumer businesss.
Drew Cullen, 14 Jun 2002

Site throws light on teen text argot

It's long been accepted at Vulture Central that the English language is going to the dogs. Indeed, many Reg hacks have made significant contribution to this process of decay with their "fluid" spelling and grammatical skills.
Lester Haines, 14 Jun 2002
server room

Cisco qualifications ain't what they used to be

On June 5, Cisco changed the format for its certification exams. The company made an announcement (PDF) - "effective immediately" - on its web site
Drew Cullen, 14 Jun 2002

KPNQwest's Ebone to shut at 4.45pm today

Volunteers who've been manning KPNQwest's pan-European Ebone broadband network for the last eight days say they will shut it down today if no buyer is found.
Tim Richardson, 14 Jun 2002

Battle of the Buses? Not really

Server BriefingThe bottom line: today's servers need more system bandwidth - a lot more bandwidth. Faster processors need to be pumped with instructions and data if they're to process information efficiently. Increasingly, that information comes from multiple sources within the box and outside of it. And the processed data has to be passed on to ever more users through permanent 24x7 connections.
Tony Smith, 14 Jun 2002

Govt freezes e-tax filing

Oh dear. The Inland Revenue suspended its online tax-self assessment service yesterday after users complained that they could see the tax returns of other people when they logged on to the site.
Drew Cullen, 14 Jun 2002

ISPs mull BT broadband court battle

Some of the UK's leading Internet operators are considering seeking a judicial review to examine what they describe as BT's alleged abuse of its dominant market position for broadband.
Tim Richardson, 14 Jun 2002

Time closes in on French market

Time Group today confirmed that it was in talks to buy Consolidated Edison, a big French PC maker, to the extent of entering due diligence.
Drew Cullen, 14 Jun 2002

BBC faces Net techie walkout

Dear oh dear oh dear - what is going on at BBC?
Tim Richardson, 14 Jun 2002

Why Nvidia's Cg won't work

OpinionAndrew Richards, founder of Codeplay, the London based designer cutting-edge computer and console games development tools responds to yesterday's Nvidia Cg - 'C for graphics' - launch.
Andrew Richards, 14 Jun 2002

Wal-Mart shipping PCs with Lindows preinstalled

In a move that appears to be a coup for Michael Robertson et al, Wal-Mart's online store is offering eight different Microtel PCs with LindowsOS included. The computers sell for USD$299 to $599 and ship in one to seven days.
Tina Gasperson, 14 Jun 2002

Mobilix whups Astérix

According to what we can decipher from Babelfish, which is notorious for butchering German, we're fairly confident that German mobile Unix developer Mobilix has beaten "Astérix et Obélix" publisher Editions Albert René in a trademark suit.
Thomas C Greene, 14 Jun 2002

Lights still on at KPNQwest

The liquidators of bust KPNQwest are to keep the service running until the end of June, after striking a deal with unpaid, 'exhausted' volunteers manning the Brussels network centre Ebone, its European internet backbone operation.
Drew Cullen, 14 Jun 2002

MS distributes Nimda to Korean .NET developers

Somehow or other the Nimda worm has found its way into a file which Microsoft is distributing to developers in Korea.
Thomas C Greene, 14 Jun 2002

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