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DVD it in many colours

Telewest phone network vandalised

Telewest has launched an investigation after two of its street cabinets in North London were vandalised cutting off phone lines to 700 customers.
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It's pow-wow time at IT-minds.com

Time to light up a peace pipe and find a place around the fire as Reg associate IT-minds.com announce this week's deal on new Apache books and some other big chiefs.
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UK ‘cheap’ for broadband, says Oftel

Oftel reckons prices for broadband have fallen so much that the UK has is just as cheap as France, Germany or the USA.
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Reg shunned from Itanic2 briefings

Intel is having a marathon briefing session for Silicon Valley journalists on Friday, but curiously, the Register hasn't been invited to the seven-hour reading of The Itanic Verses.
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Confidence returns to TMT sector

Confidence among companies in the TMT sector is increasing, according to a survey by business advisors Ernst & Young.
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JD Edwards talks up strategy

Enterprise applications vendor JD Edwards & Co is gearing up for a fresh onslaught on the market on the back of the multi-component Web Services-capable JD Edwards 5.0 release and an increased focus on vertical markets. Having announced its intention last month to brand all its offerings under the JD Edwards name, the …
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VeriSign lays plans for foreign domains

VeriSign Inc is on the verge of launching the next phase in the prolonged roll-out of so-called "internationalized domain names", addresses written in languages, such as Chinese, than use non-ASCII characters. In about eleven days, the company will start marketing a free plug-in for Internet Explorer and Outlook that …

Caldera backs away from 64-bit Open Unix

Caldera International Inc has maintained its commitment to the Unix operating systems it acquired from Santa Cruz Operation Inc, despite admitting that it currently has no plans to port Open Unix to Intel Corp's 64-bit Itanium processor, Matthew Aslett writes. With development of the company's Linux distribution more or …
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Lineo sells real-time OS to MBO team

Embedded Linux vendor Lineo, which is now operating as a division of Embedix Inc, has sold its RTXC and RTXC Quadros real-time operating system product lines to Quadros Systems Inc, a new company set up by former Lineo employees. Still operating under the Lineo name, the Lindon, Utah-based company quietly became Embedix …
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Henry Raddick: man of letters – Amazon star

Exclusive For the past eighteen months Amazon.com browsers have been informed and delighted by the contributions of one Henry Raddick. He's one of very few amateur reviewers to attain celebrity status - he's officially ranked as the 122nd most valuable contributor - and it's not hard to see why.
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It's bloody hard to host a newsgroup (in Norway)

The district court of Oslo has ruled that Scandinavian ISP and telco Tele2 is legally liable for distributing pictures containing child porn and other indecent images in its newsgroups.
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Microsoft to go 3G?

All the time spent in the court room seems to have given Microsoft plenty of time to contemplate life the universe and everything. Never one to lie on its laurels the company is always keen to look for new markets to move into. We saw recently that the troubled telecom operator WorldCom may be on the shopping list and now there is news that the Redmond software vendor may be taking on other struggling telecoms companies in the 3G space.
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ATI buys set-top chipset biz

ATI is fleshing out its set-top portfolio with the $20m cash purchase of niche chipset designer NxTWave Communications.
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BT raises growth targets

BT is to increase the growth target of its customer facing Retail division from 3 per cent to 5 per cent, the company said today.
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Livermore: dirty bombs begin at home

Letters Re: Billion dollar bungle 'loses' US tech lab
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FoTW: The British Bendover

Letters From: Sam Samuels Subject: Idiot To: Andrew Orlowski
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World+dog join mobile standards army

The Open Mobile Alliance kicked off yesterday with 200 members drawn from the great, the good and the occasional evil empire.
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Lastminute.com buys travel firm

Lastminute.com - remember them? - has bought online travel outfit The Destination Holdings Group Limited (DGL) for £12 million in cash and shares.
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Amazon's unfeasibly high handling charges

Update Amazon UK's computer pricing went riot yesterday (and the US too - see below), judging from several email confirmation orders we've seen:
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Intel cranks up Celeron to 1.8GHz

Intel today released a 1.8Ghz version of the Celeron, the fast clock speed to date in its cheapo desktop processor line.
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European Digital Rights launches

Ten European Net privacy and freedom groups have banded together to form an international civil rights group.
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Nildram cans Net Sat trial

Bucks-based ISP, Nildram, has pulled out of trial for a new high-speed Internet satellite service in the UK.
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British Airways flies high with broadband

British Airways is to provide mid-flight email and Net access for its customers as part of three-month pilot into the technology.
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PC makers on recovery path

The PC market is expected to recover somewhat this year and return to double figure growth in 2003, according to International Data Corporation (IDC), Andrew McLindon writes.
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Ten ways to kill your laptop

This list of 10 top laptop deaths is compiled by Complete Computer Cover, which modestly describes itself as the UK's leading laptop insurer. The company analysed its claims data over the last five years, after staff ran up an unofficial league table of the weirdest or most interesting causes of laptop destruction. Here are the results:

UK gets Telecoms Ombudsman

Elizabeth France - the Information Commissioner currently responsible for data protection in the UK - is to take up the newly created post of Telecoms Ombudsman from October.
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MS security hole extravaganza

We've got a treat here; it seems MS has been sitting on a number of security holes which it's decided to dump on us all at once. So, what do you want to patch today?

Fujitsu Siemens upgrades to Solaris 9

Fujitsu Siemens is introducing Solaris 9, the latest version of the Sun Microsystems Unix OS, to the PRIMEPOWER server line.