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IBM dumps mobile software vendors with new Domino

ComputerWire, 12 Jun 2002

France Telecom cuts off MobilCom

ComputerWire, 12 Jun 2002

Nokia's handset strength shields it from telecoms slump

ComputerWire, 12 Jun 2002

Telewest admits it could face funding gap

ComputerWire, 12 Jun 2002

VPN adoption is strong

Sales of virtual private networking (VPN) products and services should top $21.3bn this year, according to the latest estimates from San Jose, California-based market research firm Infonetics Research Inc, with future spending levels more than doubling by 2006.
ComputerWire, 12 Jun 2002

Baltimore updates PKI software

ComputerWire, 12 Jun 2002

KPNQwest limps on

Struggling KPNQwest appears to have bought itself some more time, giving rise to hopes that its fibre-optic network will remain open for at least the rest of the month.
Tim Richardson, 12 Jun 2002

Upbeat Dell pumps up printers, routers

Dell has issued an upbeat assessment for Q2, holding steady on previous sales guidelines ($8bn), and claiming it's taking share against the backdrop of a "pretty rough" market.
Drew Cullen, 12 Jun 2002

Billion dollar bungle ‘loses’ US tech lab

If any more proof were needed that the most powerful nation on earth is now governed by a junta of panic-stricken, innumerate provincial nitwits, consider this.
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Jun 2002

Affinity Internet narrows losses

Shares in Affinity Internet slid 13 per cent by late morning as the company report increased turnover and narrowing losses.
Tim Richardson, 12 Jun 2002

X-windows remote DoS with big fonts

X-windows, with or without the font server (XFS) running can be crashed remotely via Mozilla when fonts are set to an unnaturally large size with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), Tom Vogt of Lemuria.org has reported.
Thomas C Greene, 12 Jun 2002

Credit-card hackers stung with bogus IIS 'sploit

What happens when you float a counterfeit IIS hole in a carder chatroom on IRC, tantalizing its young denizens with a quick, easy score? Do they proxy up, patiently enumerate the site, grab banners, analyze what they're up against and carefully plot an attack? Or do they rush into the trap like so many elite lemmings?
Thomas C Greene, 12 Jun 2002

Feds, industry battle the biggest network bug

Kevin Poulsen, 12 Jun 2002

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